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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cat's Eye Fruit aka Buah Mata Kucing

Cat's Eye Fruit is actually a longan fruit variety and locally is known as Buah Mata Kucing which is literally translated as Cat's Eye Fruit.

It is interesting to note that the longan name is actually derived from the chinese pronounciation which means dragon eye. However, since locally it is known as Cat's Eye aka Mata Kucing, I will still refer it as Cat's Eye Fruit aka Buah Mata Kucing aka Longan.

Cat's Eye Fruit/Longan

Buah Mata Kucing

Please note that the Cat's Eye Fruit aka Buah Mata Kucing is not lychee fruit. Lychee fruit can be considered the big brother of Cat's Eye Fruit aka Buah Mata Kucing aka Longan.

Now, yours truly shall show you the ancient secret method of opening the rind to get to the flesh. There are basically three methods you can use to open up the rind and get the flesh.

First method is the macho way to show your manliness by using just three fingers to open the rind and get the flesh.

First of all, pick up a cat's eye fruit aka buah mata kucing aka longan with your three fingers like in the following picture.

Pick up the fruit

Then, apply a bit pressure and press inwards and you will see a crack. If at this point you fail, don't lose hope. There are still two sissier ways that you can use. Nothing to be ashamed of. :p


Continue to apply pressure until you can peel off the cracked rind and you will get to the flesh. Congratulation on your success in mastering the macho manliness ancient secret technique. Give yourself a pat in the back.


The second method is a bit sissier method but still an ancient secret technique nevertheless. Majority can easily learn this techniques as it requires no talent at all. However, this is a forbidden technique that should only be used when you are unable to use the first method/technique mentioned above.

And remember that this technique should only be used in secret when there is nobody around so that your image will still be preserved. So, be glad that finally you will be able to taste the cat's eye fruit aka buah mata kucing flesh. Ahem.

First of all, grab a cat's eye fruit aka buah mata kucing aka longan with your two hands. Place it between your two hand fingers like in the following picture.

Between your fingers

Proceed to apply pressure and press inwards to crack the rind. Once cracked, pull apart the cracked rind and congratulations on mastering the second secret ancient technique. You can now enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Press and Pull

Cat's Eye Fruit/Buah Mata Kucing/Longan Fruit

Yep, that is how a naked cat's eye fruit looks like. Normally the thickness of the flesh varies and what you see above is actually the thinnest layer of flesh I ever seen on a cat's eye fruit. Hmmmm, bad selection I guess.

The black/dark thing is actually the seed. Now you know why it is called cat's eye fruit by the locals.
(Although to me, it doesn't really look like a cat's eye but what the heck, I don't really care about the name as long as it is delicious.)

This is how the seed looks like in its fullest naked glory.

The Seed

I almost forget to mention the third and the sissiest way/technique of opening the rind. This is because this technique show really not be used unless there is really no choice and that you cannot even use/master the second technique. The third technique is using a knife to cut open the fruit to get to the flesh.

If you REALLY have to use the third technique, please practice caution that absolutely nobody sees you using it. Your reputation is at stake here. Imagine being laughed at for eternity. :p

There you have it. Three techniques that can be used to open the Cat's Eye Fruit aka Buah Mata Kucing aka Longan Fruit.

Cat's Eye Fruit/Buah Mata Kucing/Longan Fruit

Enjoy your Feline Eye Fruit.

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-et3rnal- said...

I love this fruit~~ Cant stop eating once started...!

Cometh said...

I love it too...=p

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