Friday, December 19, 2008

Why Retrain Jobless Grads

Just read the news on the government spending RM70 million to retrain jobless graduates. GRADUATES.

Quoted from theStar Online.

The Government has approved a RM70mil grant to retrain 10,000 unemployed graduates, said Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam.

He said the grant would be used to train them in skills like communication, language and creative thinking.

“Some have good qualifications but their hurdle is language. So, we want to train them in English,” he said.

“We want to make our unemployed graduates more marketable,” he said.

What the !@!#!#!$!%$!%!% ???

Why waste more money on retraining those unemployed GRADUATES. They are GRADUATES from universities meaning that they should already have the skills and knowledge needed in their respective fields less the experience.

Oh, wait. The retrain is just to train and brush up their English. In that case, that is PERFECTLY alright. NOT. That is NOT alright.

Why keep on spending money to retrain the unemployed graduates when better measures can be taken? Fix the problem at the root would be the sensible approach. For example, train them WHEN they are in the universities instead of retraining them again AFTER they graduate.

And the RM70 million, of which I am sure will increase from year to year if the retraining program continues, can be used for other beneficial purposes instead of AGAIN retraining the graduates on things that they are suppose to have learned or trained in universities. They ARE in universities are they NOT?

Hence, measures should be taken to ensure that the soon to graduate graduates must be properly trained ALREADY in their universities and NOT to waste money on retraining them after they graduate. Correct?

There is also one more reason why the retrain is not really a good idea compared to the measure to train them WHILE they are still in universities. After the retrain, would they be able to use or master the English language? Probably not because they have been learning English for like 15++ years up to their tertiary studies and what makes you think that they will be able to do so with the retrain? Suddenly magically they will somehow kah?

The retrain might even be a half-hearted attempt to get the graduates to go through the process of training without any proper passing standards and giving them completion certificate as long as they follow the training from the start till the end.

If that is really the case, I am not saying that is the case but IF that is the case where the graduates passes the training without any proper measurement standard then it will all be for nothing. Back to square one.Ahem.

Haiya, my bad for forgetting one small thing. Recession mah. Have to stimulate the economy mah. The retrain will enrich some "appointed" training centers mah then they can employ more people and the people can have money to spend. So, the government spending will also stimulate the economy in order to improve the economy mah. Win Win situation mah. Ahem.

So inconsiderate of me. I should have known better. My bad. For the good of all lor.

That is all lah. I have to go and sit at the corner for self-reflection as punishment. Ohm Ohm Ohm.

The above post is not meant to criticize and condemn the actions of the government but more to suggesting alternative measure that might prove to be useful or better in order to help. "I yam very helpful wan.".
(Ahem... Have to cover ka cheng..... Better Cover Ka Cheng aka Not to be in deep shit..... Ahem)

Seriously, ensuring that the future graduates be trained and receive proper standard measurement before they graduate would be a good idea instead of retraining them after they graduate. For the already graduated graduates then no choice lah, bo pien. Train them lor.


  1. I think it is also good to train jobless people so they could faster go get a job...

    it is better than a fresh graduate totally without any knowledge of the working world...

    skill does not come from studies but experiences...

    it is better like this than having all those graduates aimlessly ... and then learn to behave otherwise..

    however i suspect this fund could be beneficial to malays ;)

  2. kah kah kah...retrain graduates. Why the need to retrain graduates who is supposed to learn the ropes of language and their skills in uni.

    There's possible reasons:
    1. Enriching training centers.
    2. Our local unis which are using BM has failed. Believe me, I once interviewed local grads who can't really have a decent english conversation.

    Waste of money...

  3. totally WTF! i'm only SPM grad weih. I shud be retrain!! shit... uni students cant get jobs just plainly bcos their expectations are too high! and if they're willing to learn while hands on the job, they wont be jobless! argh! stupid!!!


  4. Lisa: Well, true also if the retrain is to train extra skills or skills that would naturally be gained through experience.

    However, in this case, the retrain is to polish up in the language and communication department which should already be emphasized before they graduate.

    Ahem... Please refrain from generalization. =p

    yipwt: That is why, efforts should be taken before they graduate.... Come up with a plan or something to ensure that the graduates will be of a certain standards.

    Yours truly am also a product of local institutions. =p

    M-Tequila: That is another perspective... =)


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