Sunday, December 7, 2008

Avoid Pizza Hut Seafood Lasagna

Yep, people please take note that IF you HAVE to EAT at Pizza Hut located at Jalan Song, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, Earth, Solar System, remember NOT to order the Pizza Hut Seafood Lasagna there.

I am not sure about other Pizza Hut eating establishments but I know for sure that the seafood lasagna at that particular branch is DEFINITELY not worth the price paid. And here I thought Pizza Hut is a franchise? Following the PROVEN system?

Where is the QUALITY control? Where? Mana?

Don't get me wrong. I always loved to eat at Pizza Hut which is exactly why I can make comparison between the seafood lasagna previous and now. What? Recession is it? Have to quality reduce is it?

Maybe if I am a first timer to Pizza Hut then probably I would think that, oh so this is the Seafood Lasagna at Pizza Hut and will never order again.

Now I feel a bit kena cheated but then again that is common in Malaysia I guess. Here, people even can get away with murder. Ahem.

Anyway, the pictures of the said Pizza Hut Seafood Lasagna. Bear in mind that the pictures you are going to see below are taken just after the seafood lasagna arrived unaltered and untouched.

Seafood Lasagna? Where?

Can it be any thicker?

**Speechless** @ RM8.90

That is it.

I think it is about time I stopped going to Pizza Hut and maybe give Pizza Junction a chance. Pizza Junction is also located at Jalan Song near UPWELL supermarket. Might not have seafood lasagna BUT at least I will not feel cheated.

I think.

Anyone else experienced the same with their seafood lasagna at Pizza Hut? Reduced Size, Poor Presentation, and Ever so thick (sarcastically)

Or maybe it is just that Pizza Hut Branch at Jalan Song that produce such low quality seafood lasagna?

Hmmmmm. Anyone?

Alright, blame it on the recession then.

Yeah right.

RECESSION my fragrance ass.


  1. I hardly go Pizza Hut anyways. Don't like the food they serve there

  2. dude...looks like a piece of dump on a plate man! :S

  3. You should try ordering any of their spagetthi... even with my small stomach, their spagetthi couldn't satisfy my hunger...
    I've stopped visiting Pizza Hut a long time already... =____=

  4. why so small piece? macam kueh. tak macam lasagna langsung..

  5. did you like just get cheated -________- i think it's a ripoff can.

  6. Not a fan of pizza hut so no idea about other outlets.

  7. Cherrylynnie: Well, after this maybe I will avoid Pizza Hut. =p

    abi: Amen to that.

    DiEsE: I heard in KL got Domino Pizza or something that is good?

    Baby: Kueh it is. =p

    YL: Oh yeah...

    Simon: Good for you then.. =)

  8. Ya Pizza hut ain't worth it in my opinion - better get a take-away from Domino's, or the Canadian Pizza Company (not sure about the name exactly).

  9. thats ao LITTLE and toally not worth the price. Thanks for the warning.

  10. OH ! my seafood lasagna was like that too! when i ate at a branch in Malacca.

    Haha it was my first time trying their lasagna!
    Such a disappointment.

  11. haha
    how bout the taste?
    im allergic to foods that have xpnsive price but tste suck

  12. oh my goodness... @@
    luckily i didnt face that situation b4... =.=
    if i do in the future...
    will argue with their manager for sure!!!!

  13. ohh..
    in my hut isn't nice at all.and its overpriced for the quality they serve.Plus,here in Ipoh,every branch seems to employ waiters n waitresses with attitude sympathies.


  14. that looks like a pool of flour! they're selling invinsible seafood probably. heh heh

  15. I think the Cardinals will win the Superbowl.


  16. Taste also sucks.... When presentation sucks.....taste also sucks... Sort of... =p

    Avoid Pizza Hut!!!!! =p

  17. ive tried Pizza junction beef lasagna.. cheesy and nice. worth a try! But its 11.50 add on. Buw who cares, worth it.

  18. Oh yea that's it. Thought am the only one complaining. Just had my seafood lasagna (after couple of years), now priced Rm10.50 for online order (otherwise Rm11.20 I think), delivered from an outlet in Pontian. When I first saw it, 'has it become smaller or did I order a regular size (do they have a 'large' one)?' I asked myself. I even take pictures for complaining purpose, re-check my bill few times, go back to their site to compare BUT when I googled around and see other ppls' complaints, hmm.. I guess that's it. No more Pizza hut in the future.

  19. did u try to complain to the manager/staff there?


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