Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Married 1 Year Beaten 9 Times

This is interesting.


The most embarrassing thing is that his wife does not consider face [personal honor] when hitting someone, several times fiercely slapping my face in front of my mother and brothers [close male friends].
That time she launched a kick at me, I instinctively raised my leg to block the kick. My wife hooked my leg, sending me toppling to the ground (tragically, a tooth was lost, afterwards replaced with a gold tooth), extending my hand to block, she used her forearm on my arm and twisted, I don’t know how, and suddenly my arm was twisted behind my back, a foot bends my leg, and I am suddenly kneeling on the floor.
This one point was very miserable, my hand twisted by my wife was dislocated, and I had to go to the hospital.
Using half the clothes drying rack, she fiercely hit my butt, the pain making me wail. With my friend there, I had to do something to redeem my face [honor], so I grabbed the remaining half of the clothes drying rack to hit back. Even more disastrous, my wife instantly grabbed my wrist holding the clothes drying rack, twisted it back and, my god, my hand broke. For several days on end I could not pull up my own pants after using the toilet.
Only afterwords did he find out that his wife enjoyed studying warfare since childhood, has terrifying kung fu, and that she could go fight four men by herself.

WTF? Beaten by own wife who happens to know some kick-ass kung fu? Sounds unbelievable if you ask me.

Don't even know true or not but damn funny the article.


  1. this is one unbelievable GUY,
    he didn't know his wife well enough
    before getting married?
    i share you doubt. XD


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