Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Installing New Fonts How To

Oh well,

As simple it may seems, there are still people asking me how the heck one install fonts, extra fonts that they found or downloaded from the Internet.

Thus, this post comes into existence. Tadahhhhh!!!!!

Why install new fonts? Simply for the fact that one can have those decorated fonts installed for their own preferences. Or maybe one found the ultimate font that outshines, outperform, and out-whatever-you-prefer the default fonts. One font to conquer em all so to speak.

However, please remember to always use professional fonts for professional use. I am sure you do not want to use decorated fonts in your resume and send for job applications, do you?

Anyway, back to the post. How to install new fonts in your computer/pc/laptop. Please bear in mind that this how-to is aimed for Microsoft platform since all of those who asked are using Windows. Ahem.
(If you want to install fonts in other operating systems. Ask and maybe thou shall receive. =p)

First of all, please go and get the fonts that you want. You can't possibly install new fonts without the new fonts now, correct? -_-"

Proceed to the control panel which normally is located at Start>Control Panel. You will see a new window that lists all the components inside the control panel. Locate the Fonts component and double click to access the fonts folder.

Control Panel


You will see all the fonts that your system use in that folder. The fonts may seems alien to you but fret not as you will not deal with em directly.

Fonts Folder

Proceed to File>Install New Font and a new window will pop up. Browse to the directory where your fonts are located and click on the fonts that you want to install. Once selected, click OK and the font will be installed. Repeat for other new fonts.

File > Install New Font

Browse to the fonts

Installing the Fonts

Congratulations for successfully installing your new fonts. Now go try out your new fonts. Go.

Simple right?

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