Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl Audition Invitation

Malaysian Dreamgirl is an online reality show based on model search competition. Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 1 winner is Cindy Tey.

Now, Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2 already started its auditions for the potential candidates to be the Second Malaysian Dreamgirl.

And guess what? Apparently somebody thinks I am the Dreamgirl material.

Malaysian Dreamgirl Audition

Oh, the excitement, the flattery, the adrenaline rush, the suprise, and "the pekataan yang sewaktu dengannya."

But, there is just one problem.

I am a very healthy male. A very healthy alpha male at that. Ahem.

However, there is always the option of turning myself into something like in the following picture just for the sake of the audition:

Source: Google Image

Yeah right. As if I will.

Thanks, but no thanks.

I am not exactly the William Hung material.


Side Note:

Malaysian Dreamgirl online show is actually quite interesting to follow. Now for season 2, one have to take note of the lessons to learn from Season 1.

Lesson 1: It helps if you are rich
Lesson 2: It definitely will help if you are rich
Lesson 3: Heloooo... $$$$$$$$$.

Why? Simple ma, if the number of voters are still very low aka not-that-successful-marketing or maybe blame it on low-internet-penetration then those who are selected, not too bad looking, and have to moolah aka $$$$ to spend then stand a very good chance to be the Second Malaysian Dreamgirl.

Lets see a scenario. The total prize for the winner is around at least RM100K plus the potential career growth for those who wants to be in the entertainment arena which would worth more. But for the sake of example, lets say you have RM100K to burn/spend for the SMS votes. I am pretty sure you would win the show. Worth it ma. Right?

Providing that your closest competitor is not that popular that is. Malaysia's population is around 22 million if I am not mistaken. IF just 1% vote for you then it is a whopping 220K people voting for you which I believe nobody no matter how rich would want to spend the amount of money more than those 220K ppl would potentially spend. Correct?

Hmmm, even the side note is longer than the main post. This can't possibly be right. I think I better stop here.

Those who are interested to go for the Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2 Audition, by all means go and try your luck.

All the best and May the force be with you.


  1. correct!
    no money sure cannot win!
    this is so called realistic world!
    totally agreed with u!


  2. Well, it is a reality show after all... =p


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