Saturday, December 13, 2008

I am in Sibu

Sibu Kampua


Some might have noticed that it has been sometime since I last updated or maybe not.

Yay, I am in Sibu now. Actually have been in Sibu since Wednesday (10/12/2008).

Not that I don't want to update but it is kinda hard to find any decent wifi in Sibu. Free ones that is. Internet connection should be free. That is what I believe.

Anyone knows of a decent place where an Internet hunger addict such as yours truly can get his daily dosage of the Internet? In Sibu that is.

Don't even get me started with dial up. Dial ups should be phased out by now, seriously.

I must be crazy for saying this but suddenly I missed Slowmyx Streamyx. Compared to dial up, Streamyx is heavenly. Please don't flame me before you tried dial up and compare it with streamyx. Ahem.

For the uninitiated, yes you broadband babies/generation out there. Dial up is where you dial up to the Internet using a 56k modem with the phone line plugged in that emits sound like teng teng teng ting ting tong teng ting ting tut tut when connecting.

And also don't deconnexion me, deconnexion can smell my fragrance ass for all I care. What is the use of providing so called FREE service when the service is like shit? Oooops, pardon my french. Should be service like faeces would be more appropriate and even that is giving them lots of credit.

Again, for the uninitiated, deconnexion is a WiFi service that aims to over the whole town and ultimately covers whole Sarawak so to speak. Fail.

All this talk bout giving FREE WiFi here and there but failed tremendously in the connection department. Free Yes, connection No.

Wait till WiMax comes and kick your smelly butt then baru you know.

Ahem, I think I better stop ranting.

Back to the topic.

Yay, I am back in Sibu.

Now, excuse me while I go hunt places that offers decent WiFi connections and perhaps post next time about the best places to go for the WiFi if you are in Sibu and need to be connected to the Internet badly.

P/S: I am currently at Cuppa Kopi Roti at Pedada enjoying my badly needed dosage of Internet while enjoying my lunch.

P/S/S: Note that the kampua is not the authentic kampua. Authentic kampua is served with pork oil (literally speaking) and bbq pork. Yum Yum

Those who are in Sibu and need some decent WiFi can go to Tanahmas Hotel near the Sibu GateWay or the WiFi at Cuppa Kopi Roti is good also. Aside from the two places, I heard the WiFi at Italian Coffee ain't too shabby either.

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