Tuesday, September 30, 2008

2008 Petronas Hari Raya Ad

I have always liked the Petronas Ads during celebrations such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali and Merdeka.

However, seems like this year the 2008 Petronas Hari Raya Ad seems lacking a bit. Somehow, it's not up to expectation.

2008 Petronas Hari Raya Ad

There is this Wimax Hari Raya Ad that I think also from Petronas. At least I think so. It has the same Petronas-ish feel. I liked the Wimax version one better. Maybe to each, his or her own preferences.

2008 Wimax Hari Raya Ad

There, enjoy.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Three Characters Classic - San Ji Zing Part 4

Three Characters Classic - San Ji Zing Part 4 is the continuation from Three Characters Classic - San Ji Zing Part 3.

Chinese Writings
Pin Yin Readings
English Explanation


首 孝 弟
Shou Xiao Di
First filial and Brotherly

次 見 聞
Ci Jian Wen
Then look and hear

知 某 數
Zhi Mou Shu
Know Some Numbers

識 某 文
Shi Mou Wen
Know Some Characters

一 而 十
Yi Er Shi
One To Ten

十 而 百
Shi Er Bai
Ten To Hundred

百 而 千
Bai Er Qian
Hundred To Thousand

千 而 萬
Qian Er Wan
Thousand to Ten Thousand

三 才 者
San Cai Zhe
Three Forces These

天 地 人
Tian Di Ren
Heaven Earth Human

三 光 者
San Guang Zhe
Three Bright These

日 月 星
Ri Yue Xing
Sun Moon Star

三 綱 者
San Gang Zhe
Three Principles These

君 臣 義
Jun Chen Yi
Sovereign, Subject, Duty

父 子 親
Fu Zi Qin
Father Son Love

夫 婦 順
Fu Fu Shun
Husband Wife Harmony

曰 春 夏
Yue Chun Xia
Say Spring Summer

曰 秋 冬
Yue Qiu Dong
Say Fall Winter

此 四 時
Ci Si Shi
These Four Seasons

運 不 窮
Yun Bu Qiong
Move No End

曰 南 北
Yue Nan Bei
Say South North

曰 西 東
Yue Xi Dong
Say West East

此 四 方
Ci Si Fang
These Four Directions

應 乎 中
Ying Hu Zhong
Respond To Center



The first thing to learn is filial piety and brotherly love then learn other things such as learn how to count and learn how to read. Numbers from one to ten, from ten to hundred, from hundred to thousand and from thousand to ten thousands.

There are three fundamental forces which are the Heaven, the Earth, and Human. There are also three bright things which are the Sun, the Moon, and Star. There are also three basic principles which are the relation/duty between sovereign and subjects such as the love between father and son and the harmony between husband and wife.

Speaking of four seasons, the Spring, the Summer, the Fall/Autumn, and the Winter, the four seasons alternate endlessly. Speaking of the North, the South, the East, the West, these four directions points/define the center.


To be continued. Stay tuned for part 5.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Donation is NOT Corruption



It's DONATION lah.

When people donate, it is rude to refuse and the important thing is that when people donate, you HAVE to accept the donation.

What? Don't believe ah? Haven't you read the news "Perak Umno: Act on men who admitted having illicit sex"?? From the Star Online wor.

A MSN Chat with a friend.

Anon :  
He had been quoted as saying “what is important is we did not ask for the women. He supplied them to us. If people sedekah (donate), don’t you want to accept the sedekah?” http://www.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2008/9/25/nation/2115029&sec=nation 

Ohhh, it's donate rupa rupa nyer. Say earlier mah, then that is very alright. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
People donate to me, what can I do?
Its rude to reject?
  Imagine you give RM1 to a begger and he throw it back at you

The beggar of course is at fault here clearly
 Ppl donate it is impolite to refuse 
  Ppl donate bah
Corruption is bad mmmmmkay   
Donation on the other hand is perfectly alright.
And since when the flesh trade is legal in Msia?? 
even though it is donation?

  If your kopi offer to "certain law enforcer" kena reject, you should screw them upside down
  Mother never teach ah!!!!
  Bloody rude if ppl donate to you
  And then you reject
  Make me no face now
I should saman you instead! 

 Ya loh....dont make me pissed off.... Ppl donate... take it... apa nie?
  This is not bribe ok?
  This is donation

There, some revelations for all of ya.

***Some of the more sensitive issue are omitted from the chat due to a certain fact  although I am just a small fish  and they wont be bothered with small fish but regardless what you say, a cowardly ass IS a safe ass. I will just have to leave the brave and courageous stuff to the big fish.  ***

Latest Oil Price in Malaysia

As of this post,

The latest price would be:

RON 97 : RM 2.45 per litre
RON 92 : RM 2.30 per litre
Diesel : RM 2.40 per litre

Heard that it's the lowest price the "Gah-Var-Men" can lower wor.

Hmmm, strange. I am pretty sure that it should be lower than that since the world oil price has dropped significantly.
Anyway, reduction in the price is better than no reduction at all I would say.

At least better than the waiver for electrical bills that are not more than RM 20 a month. Give RM 20 waiver for ALL electrical bills lah.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Keeping Fit

Definitely there is something wrong when the bathroom scale you step on cracks under your weight. 

I think I am the cause of the crack, I can't really remember. I guess it is the self-denial mode kicking in. Anyway, that crack must have "cracked" when I am nearing the 100kg mark few months ago. 
(Yep, stopped going to the gym rakyat for quite some time already. )

I must say that I am making quite an improvement since the scale cracking days but just to make things clear, I don't have the fitness mentioned before and the waist device thing doesn't really work. Not working for me at least. No 6 packs. Just one big pack combined together but let there be hope, I am pretty sure the 6 packs are hiding somewhere beneath the layers and layers of fat.

Anyway, this post will be an indicator for the starting of my experiment. One month from now and you will see the result, hopefully there will be a significant decrease in my weight. Being healthy is top priority mmmkay.

What experiment? Experiment that you will always be fit if your output energy is more than your input energy. Putting it in layman terms here. 
(Ceh, as if I know any other terms.)

My height is 184cm tall and my current weight as of this post is 93kg. My "prime" weight is back when I am in university and that is 80kg hence I am targeting 80kg. No, make it 85kg lah. Wait, make that 88kg one month from now. Setting a realistic goal is the key to success I would say. 88kg should be alright I guess. 

Alright, that is it.

Remember, Health is important. 

Be Healthy.

***This public awareness service is brought to you by BenardCometh Revelations, Your Preferred Daily Dosage of Revelations. =p***

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Malaysian National Service aka PLKN


The source for most of the information regarding Malaysian National Service used in this article is taken from Wikipedia and PLKN. Why?

First, Wikipedia is considered the most referred web portal in the world for people searching for information and the PLKN is the offical website.

Second, since the whole world or shall I say, majority of Internet users around the world will be able to access Wikipedia and PLKN, it is of utmost importance that the information in Wikipedia and PLKN is correct and not some misguided facts.

Third, blame Wikipedia and PLKN if the information is incorrect NOT yours truly. MMMkay... Oh yeah, the mastery of the art of "Tai Chi". May the force be with you.


The Malaysian National Service aka the PLKN which is the abbreviation for "Program Latihan Khidmat Negara" or literally translated as National Service Training Program or just known as NS, is a compulsory 3 months military service program for teenagers that started in December 2003.

The Objectives of the NS aka PLKN are:

To increase and instill the patriotism spirit in the young Malaysians.
To promote race unity and national integration.
To shape positive attitude through pure moral values.
To ignite volunteerism spirit.
To produce confident, intelligent, and energetic young generation.

The Vision of the NS aka PLKN is:

To make the best superior organization in helping teenagers to be Steel spirited, Self confidence, Loyal to the country, Always ready to face any challenges to the direction of promoting cooperation and unity among the multi-racial population in the country.
The Missions of the NS aka PLKN are:
Hopes to be the main organization that shapes generations that are disciplined, loyal to the country, steel spirited, positive attitude and loves unity.
Conducting effectiveness research regarding the PLKN in line with the objectives and national aim.

Done with the general information, lets move on to other issues regarding the NS aka PLKN shall we?

Perhaps the most debated issue regarding the NS aka PLKN is the "untowardly" issue that happens during the training program.

The following are the major incidents that happened since the implementation of the NS aka PLKN quoted directly from Wikipedia:

Major Incidents


Merang Camp, Setiu, Terengganu, on 28 February. A female trainee, 17, was raped by Corporal Zuki Mohd, 30, in a Perodua Kancil in the Rhu Tapai agro-industrial estate in Setiu between 7.28pm and 9.10pm on February 28. Zuki Mohd had been employed as a physical module instructor at Merang Camp. The trial began on 14 December 2004 at the Terengganu Sessions Court, and ended on 20 December 2005. Zuki, a military personnel from Kampung Bari Besar, Setiu, was convicted of raping the girl by the Terengganu Sessions Court and was sentenced to 12 years' jail and three strokes of the rotan. The female trainee later sued the trainer as well as the government for negligence.

Lost in jungle
Ovai Wawasan Camp, Papar, Sabah, on 21 February. Around 600 trainees and instructors were lost for almost 12 hours after following the wrong trail during what was meant to be an hour-long afternoon hiking trip. Except for kitchen staff, trainees who had gone to church that day, and several staff members who stayed behind to keep an eye on camp facilities, close to the entire 600+ member camp were involved in the hiking trip. After close to 12 hours, a full name count was finally issued at 2 am.


Food poisoning
PDS Resort Camp, Port Dickson, Negri Sembilan, on 16 May. 60 trainees and instructors at Pusat Latihan Khidmat Negara, Port Dickson Camp, Negeri Sembilan.


Food poisoning
Sri Impian Camp, Sungai Bakap, Penang, on 30 December. Trainees suffered food poisoning due to food served on the first day of camp, 30 December.

Lost in jungle
Kem Lagenda Gunung Ledang, Jasin, Malacca, on 30 April. Twenty-three lost their way during a jungle trekking exercise at Asahan Forest Reserve. The instructor in charge of the group was subsequently dismissed with immediate effect for negligence.


High fever
Kem Desaru Gerak Khas, Kota Tinggi, Johor, on 31 May. 58 trainees came down with vomiting and high fever on 31 May, and were admitted to Kota Tinggi Hospital. The incident began when trainees began to fall sick after returning to camp on 28 May, from the Wirajaya module (a two-day jungle trekking exercise).

Food poisoning
Kem Barracuda, Setiu Agro, Terengganu, on 29 May. 67 trainees developed stomachaches believed to be caused by due to food poisoning on 28 May, barely a week after nine trainees from the same camp suffered the same ailment. Fourteen trainees were warded in the Setiu Hospital, while 53 received outpatient treatment. Four food handlers at the camp also received outpatient treatments at the same hospital. The food was catered from outside, as the camp's canteen had been closed after the May 23 incident when four of the trainees were warded for food poisoning.

Food poisoning
Kem Barracuda, Setiu Agro, Terrenganu, on 23 May. Nine trainees fell ill due to food poisoning, with four trainees being warded at Setiu Hospital. The camp's canteen was subsequently closed down.

Outbreak of unknown fever
Kem PLKN Jiwa Murni, Semanggol, Perak, in late April. At least 10 trainees were warded at the Taiping Hospital, while 80 others were being treated at the camp, and all trainees were given blood tests, for an outbreak of an unidentified fever. The Kerian district health office placed the camp under quarantine. The quarantine was only discovered a few days after being initialized, when parents were turned away from picking up their children for a scheduled week-long break.

NS aka PLKN trainees


Awang Mohd Fazil Awang Borhan, 17
Attached to Kem Simalajau, Bintulu, Sarawak. Died on 23 April in a drowning accident. He had been swimming with 36 other trainees at Sungai Cina, Matang, Kuching, Sarawak.

T. Saravana, 18
Attached to Kem Ethnobotany, Gua Musang, Kelantan. The trainee from 1614A Hospital Quarters, Taiping, Perak drowned while picnicking at Sungai Taman Wangi, Gua Musang, about 3 kilometres from his camp, with 250 trainees and 10 trainers.


Nurul Ashikin Karino, 17
Attached to Kem Shan Sui, Tawau, Sabah. Died on 14 May after being injured during training. Karino Jalani (father of the deceased) claimed that he was not allowed to meet his daughter who fell and was injured as part of a training accident.

S. Theresa Pauline, 17
Attached to Kem Karisma, Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan. Died on 11 June after being admitted to the hospital on 23 May due to having fits. Her death was attributed to viral meningoencephalitis. Her father, S. Sarimuthu was paid RM 32,000.


Haziq Jaafar, 17
Attached to Kem Padang Hijau, Kluang, Johor. The trainee from Kota Tinggi, Johor, died after a fight with another trainee at Kem Padang Hijau.


Teng Shian Shen, 18
Attached to Kem Pasir Panjang, Port Dickson, Negri Sembilan. Died two weeks after being asked to return home from her training at the Pasir Panjang due to breathing difficulties.

Ili Ameera Azlan, 17
Attached to Kem Ayer Keroh, Ayer Keroh, Melaka. Died on 18 January at Malacca Hospital, after suffering breathing difficulties. The parents were paid RM 35,000.

Prema Elenchelian, 18
Attached to Kem Kisana Beach Resort, Pasir Puteh, Kelantan. The trainee from Kajang, Selangor, was found unconscious in a toilet at Jeram Linang (0230 hours) on 1 March. She was taken to the Tengku Anis Hospital where she was pronounced dead. Prema's death brought to 12 the number of trainees who have died since the programme began in 2004.

Mohd Rafi Ameer, 18
Attached to Cheneh Cemerlang Camp, Kemaman, Pahang. Died at 10.30pm on 3 September, after having fever for 1 week. Rafi had previously called his sister and told her that he had a fever, and that his leg had been swollen for nearly a week after he fell during training.


Afiz Zuhairi Ahmat Rozali, 18
Attached to Kem Sentosa, Chenderiang, Perak. Died on 16 April at Teluk Intan Hospital, Perak, after a brief febrile illness. He was treated by camp paramedics several times before finally being transferred to hospital where he died in less than 24 hours.
Too Hui Min, 18
Attached to Kem Geo Kosmo, Behrang, Selangor. Passed away on 7 May at Slim River Hospital, Perak, three days after she started complaining of constipation. The cause of death was later determined as being toxic megacolon - her colon had been swollen and the lining had thinned due to septicemia. Her family is desperate to know why she wasn't sent to the hospital earlier. As a result of this latest death bringing the total so far to 16, several DAP leaders are calling for the suspension or even the scrapping of the National Service programme.

As of June 2008, there have been 16 deaths since the programme started in 2004, with 11 trainees dying in the camps and five more during breaks or within days of completing the program.

In addition to the deaths, the latest death would be that of Ricky Lim, 20 who returned after his NS training on Sept 6, 2008 and died on Sept 15, 2008. Now, his sister is required to undergo the PLKN of which the parents are totally against.

It is very understandable being that, their only son died and now their only daughter are required to undergo the same training that possibly might have been the cause of their son's death. It must have felt like sending their only daughter to the very gate of Hell, literally speaking.

However, I believe not only their family are worried and anxious about it. All parents must have, at one point in time, worried about sending their children for the PLKN and prayed for their safe return.

Now, the question here to ask is that , "Could the incidents that happened be avoided or prevented?". If the answer is yes then it is very regrettable that proper preventive measures are not taken. If the answer is no, then there is basically nothing thatcan be done.

Looking at the "trend", the body counts are certainly piling up so to speak. Immediate actions must be taken to prevent future "untowardly" incidents from happening.

The concept of having National Service to strengthenen the country and promote unity among the multi-racial population in Malaysia is indeed well justified and good but the implementation and the process of the training program should be improved from all aspects to prevent further loss of lives that could have been avoided.

The NS aka PLKN as mentioned before, is compulsory. However there are certain exemptions that are given. The conditions for exemption from the PLKN training are for those who are:


Physically Disabled
Serving Jail Term

Held Under Preventive Detention

Undergoing drug rehabilitation

Detained by the Children's Act of 2001 (Act 612)

Confirmed by medical officer as having fatal disease/conditions

Confirmed by medical officer as having contagious disease

There you have it. Those who are going to undergo the PLKN need to check for above conditions and may the force be with you.

There are a lot other issues that are quite clear and more to like open secret where everyone knows but are left as it it due to numerous reasons, issues that I would not go in length here due to a certain fact. Oh yeah, a cautious ass is a safe ass and I-do-really-love-my-ass-very-much-thank-you to let it rot "somewhere".

It is enough to say that, whatever happens it is the loyalty to the COUNTRY that is important, NOT the loyalty to the "Gah-Var-Men". Ahem. **clears throat**

Citizens who are LOYAL and LOVE their COUNTRY are bound to propel the country to greatness since a country greatest assets are her people. As for the "Gah-Var-Men", love them too if they have the same sentimens but if not, CHANGE. I think I better refrain from continuing further as if I go on further, I feel that I am treading on thin ice. Abunai desu ne.

There is this expression/saying that I find inspiring and that will be the end of this post.

The people should not be afraid of their "Gah-Var-Men"
but its the
"Gah-Var-Men" that should be afraid of the people.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Watcha Gonna Do?

Been reading up on the ISA being used to arrest people, so called in the name of "justice" and "peace". Hence, yours truly fire up photoshop and just simply make something that is not relevant to the issue. Even if it is, I am pretty sure it is purely coincidental and is not related to the living or the dead for that matter. 

 Watcha Gonna Do?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Three Characters Classic - San Ji Zing Part 3

***Since there are quite a lot of requests asking for the continuation of the San Ji Zing, BenardCometh Revelations decided to post more until at least its complete. Happy Learning***

Continuation from Part 2, the third part of the Three Characters Classic- San Ji Zing.

Chinese Writings
Pin Yin Readings
English Explanation


香 九 齡
Xiang Jiu Ling
Nine years old, Xiang

能 溫 席
Neng Wen Xi
Can warm the mat

孝 於 親
Xiao Yu Qin
Filial piety to parents

所 當 執
Suo Dang Zhi
Should be carried out

Rong Shi Sui
Rong at the age of four

Neng Rang Li
Could give up pears for family

Di Yu Zhang
Young towards Elder

Yi Xian Zhi
Should be known first



There is this young kid named Xiang who is just nine years old and at that age he already know how to warm mat/sleeping mattress aka do household chores.

This shows that filial piety towards parents is very important and that all children must be very filial towards their parents.

Then, there is another younger kid called Rong who at the age of four would give the pears for his family beforehand and this shows that the first thing the young should know is how to relate to the elders and how to properly treat them.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sharifah Suleiman Scam

Triple S yo, dubbed the Sharifah Suleiman Scam by Yours Truly.

Received the following email from this so called Sharifah Suleiman:


Bissmillahi Rahmanirrahim Assalasmualaikum I am Mrs .sharifah suleiman, a widow of 73years, suffering from Cancer of the breast, my husband and my only son were killed last year During the UK terrorist attack.

My condition is serious and according to my doctor, it is obvious that I might not survive. I have some funds that my late husband WILLED for the growth of Islam; the sum of $6,600,000.00 United States of American Dollars and deposited it with a finance house in south East Asia .

After my prayers, on my quest to search for a reliable being that will stand on my behalf make this claim and use the fund to assist the less privilege ones E.g widows, orphans and poor people around you. As my condition does not allow me to continue with the wish of my husband.

I found your email address and I decided to contact you for the usage of the Funds in the way that it will please almighty Allah (God). Therefore, if you are honest and faithful enough to use this fund strictly for the work, your response will be highly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs.sharifah suleiman.

Why is this a scam?

First of all, for the so called fund for the growth of Islam, there is no need for this Sharifah Suleiman to find Your Truly to handle the fund because there are a lot of Islamic organization that are more than willing to handle the fund. Although, I know that my irresistible charm is very hard to resist and that I am well known for my honesty and integrity but I will have to pass the offer. Mmmmkay? Nothing personal alright?

Second, I doubt that by praying alone this Sharifah Suleiman will find victims to scam a reliable person to act in your behalf. On top of that, even IF this fund is real, how clever of this Sharifah Suleiman to just simply get an email from the Internet and entrust the so called fund? I am sure, I am not the only one who have this email or entrusted this scam noble task.

Anyway, lets give this Sharifah Suleiman the benefit of doubt ok? Hence, I replied to the email. The following is my reply:

Hi there,

Oh please, let me handle the fund please.

I am very the reliable and very the honest mmmkay?

I manage fund very the well ok?

Sure won't let you down.

Oh, did I mention that I am very honest and reliable?

It's fate that you found my email, so you better believe in fate and entrust the fund to my care mmmkay?

Now, the question is,

How Do I get the fund?

For your part, I would think the question would be, to give or not to give?

Anxiously anticipating your reply.

Yours very the sincerely,
BenardCometh Revelations

Oooo, I am going to be so rich manage the fund extremely well. Honestly.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2008

Mid-Autumn Festival aka MoonCake festival aka Zhong Qiu Jie is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The means, it will fall on Sunday, 14th September 2008 of the "Ang Moh" calendar aka Gregorian Calendar.

Mid-Autumn Festival aka MoonCake Festival aka Zhong Qiu Jie is the time for family gatherings over mooncakes and some lanterns appreciation. On this day or in this case night, the full moon will be very bright. Well, it is suppose to be bright due to the fact that normally on Mid-Autumn nights, there will be sort of like moon appreciating time.

Aside from moon watching, traditionally people eat moon cakes outside under the moon and carry brightly colorful lanterns/tang lungs.

There are two stories about the Mid-Autumn Festival. The first is about Chang Er and Hou Yi and the second is about Chinese revolution against Mongols.

Lets start with the first story. According to legend, there are 10 suns in ancient China and the heat scorched the Earth until there are droughts all over China causing death.

Then comes Hou Yi, the best archer in China and shot down nine suns and spare the last sun in order to bring light to the land. Hou Yi became the hero and was rewarded with many exquisite things including an immortality pill. He then beome King of the land and soon after rule with an iron fist.

His wife, Chang Er stole the immortality pill as she cant stand watching the people suffer if Hou Yi becomes immortal hence swallow the pill herself. Suddenly, her whole body becomes very light and started to float to the moon. It so happen that that fateful day is the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar and the moon is full and bright.

Thus, that day is celebrated as Mid-Autumn Festival and the tradition of moon appreciation begins. To watch Chang Er so to speak. Oh, by the way Chang Er is said to be the most beautiful woman. Hmm, that explains why ppl moon ogle eh.

Now, lets move on to the second story, long time ago in China, during the harsh rule of the Mongols, there is this secret organization formed to revolt against the cruel Mongols rule. Secret message about the place and time for the revolt have to be sent to the members in vast places and they thought of putting the message inside moon cakes and distribute moon cakes to all their friends and relatives so that the Mongols would not be aable to sniff out the revolt.

On the 15th day of the eight month that year, the Chinese revolted against the Mongols and succeed in chasing the Mongols out of China hence that day is celebrated as Mid-Autumn Festival or known as Moon Cake Festival. Such is the folklore.

There, now you know the stories behind Mid Autumn Festival and Moon Cake Festival.

BenardCometh Revelations wishes all of you



Friday, September 12, 2008

Bratwurst aka Sausage

One of my favorite food is the hotdog aka sausage and when I saw the Bratwurst aka sausage at a local supermarket, I bought it although with the price of one packet I can buy around 16 packets of normal chicken hotdogs aka sausage. Guess I am a sucker for sausages aye? 
Alright, that came out wrong. I assure you that I am very straight. Damn straight. Ok?

Bratwurst is actually derived from German as its the Germans who made it first. It is made of pork and veal though there might be more varieties now since not only Germans make it. 

So, I got myself a packet of 6 pieces Bratwurst that costs me around RM35. Like I said, food is my weakness. Major weakness. My kryptonite. Now you know how to defeat me. Have mercy, please.

5 pieces Bratwurst in its full naked glory
There are a few methods on how to cook your Bratwurst. Roast or Grill is up to you. The Bratwurst that I have bought is actually cooked already then frozen for sale. Longer lasting I would think. 

Anyway, I decided to just boil/shimmer it for consumption due to time considerations hence, to the simmering process the bratwurst goes. 
Simmering Process

Shimmer for a while and then it is ready to serve in any way you prefer. Here, I serve with some salad mixed with some ham. Need to have some vegetables you know. Balanced diet yo.
Bratwurst and Salad
Another view

Not really worth the price in my opinion. Maybe because of the way I cook it. I think I should have grilled it after simmering. It would taste much better I believe.

However, it is a different taste then the normal chicken hotdogs aka sausages. 
(Obviously, due to the difference in meat. What am I even commenting on. I must be losing my touch. OMG)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Proton MPV Naming Contest

Yep, you heard it right. Proton is organizing a contest to name Malaysia's first MPV. The Proton MPV Naming Contest. Now, from intial rumours, the MPV sounds to be a cool looking car but quality wise I am not that sure. Being a Proton would very much sums it all. However, lets there be hope ya.

You have the chance to have a car named according to what you want providing that you win the contest that is.Imagine you, the one who wins and gets to name Malaysia's first MPV. How cool is that?

Aside from getting to name the MPV, you would even get the MPV as the grand prize. Now, that is very enticing. The prizes for the naming contest are:

Grand Prize:
1 x Proton MPV

Consolation Prizes:
2 x Overseas trip for two worth RM15,000.

To enter the contest is pretty simple, all you have to do is come up with a name, a tagline and description. You can go to the online form to enter or just send SMS which costs RM0.80.

To enter the contest online, go to the Proton MPV Naming Contest Online Form and fill in the neccesary fields. At times it might be difficult to access due to the fact that EVERYONE wants to join. Free MPV wor, who don't want?

Proton MPV Naming Contest

Methods to enter the contest

The Online Form

Some of the information regarding the naming contest that are important. You have to be a Malaysian to enter and must be older than 18 years of age as of 08/09/2008.The contest will run from 3:00pm, 8th September 2008 to 11:59pm, 30th September 2008. So, make sure you enter well before the closing date just to be sure.

If the online form is giving you the headaches or maybe you have inspirations while you are shitting "investing" in the toilet, then you can enter by sending SMS. It's that easy.

To enter by SMS, you have to:
  1. Type P-spacing- IC Number-comma- Car Name-comma- Description-comma- Tagline
  2. Contest SMS entry should not be more than 160 characters. Otherwise entry will be disqualified.
  3. E.g. P 821013105150, Familia, MPV is for families to travel together with enough space on long journeys, A place to bond with your family
    (131 characters including spaces)
  4. Send to 36677
  5. You will receive an SMS notification verifying your contest submission.

And remember that each SMS costs RM0.80. For more information on how to enter the contest, refer to the information online.

There, what are you waiting for? Enter and try your luck.

Yours Truly have done so and the name yours truly choose is:

Proton Cometh


But, Of Course. What else would it be named?

So, again. The quality of the MPV are not known yet cuz obviously yours truly doesn't own the MPV yet.***Hint*** ***Hint***.

How? Give Proton Cometh a chance? Please???~~~~

Or this puppy will be tortured. Have a heart. Save the puppy. =p

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Reading List: Blog I Stalk

There is a new pretty nifty feature in Blogger. Redundant yes but still quite nifty for those who are using Blogger since you log in to the dashboard almost everyday or even few times in a day. Admit it. I know you do.

Anyway, to use this I think you will have to use the Blogger Draft or maybe not. Blogger Draft is actually the same with the original Blogger but the difference is that you get to try out new features before it is released. In a way you can consider yourself to be the guinea pig.

So, back to the topic. There is a new feature which is the Reading List just below the dashboard where you can add blogs to stalk and even notify them that you are stalking them. Cool. Now, who needs RSS? Huh?

No, you still needs RSS as it stalk the blogs you want to stalk by getting the RSS. So there. RSS needed. That is where the redundant part comes in since you can subscribe to the blogs RSS and read em in the reader of your choice. So, pretty redundant.

However, this reading list feature makes it easier to follow the blogs you want to stalk since you will be logging in to your dashboard anyway and can always browse through and see if there are any new updates or anything that interests you.

The verdict? Redundant but Nifty.

The followings are how to add blogs to stalk just in case some are technologically challenged and to show you who I stalk.

Reading List
Click on the Add button to start adding blogs
Add in the URL of the blog to add
Option to stalk anonymously or publicly
There, easy to stalk the blogs you want

And that ends this post.
Sekian Terima Kasih.
Thank You.
I shall bid you farewell for now.