Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2008

Mid-Autumn Festival aka MoonCake festival aka Zhong Qiu Jie is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The means, it will fall on Sunday, 14th September 2008 of the "Ang Moh" calendar aka Gregorian Calendar.

Mid-Autumn Festival aka MoonCake Festival aka Zhong Qiu Jie is the time for family gatherings over mooncakes and some lanterns appreciation. On this day or in this case night, the full moon will be very bright. Well, it is suppose to be bright due to the fact that normally on Mid-Autumn nights, there will be sort of like moon appreciating time.

Aside from moon watching, traditionally people eat moon cakes outside under the moon and carry brightly colorful lanterns/tang lungs.

There are two stories about the Mid-Autumn Festival. The first is about Chang Er and Hou Yi and the second is about Chinese revolution against Mongols.

Lets start with the first story. According to legend, there are 10 suns in ancient China and the heat scorched the Earth until there are droughts all over China causing death.

Then comes Hou Yi, the best archer in China and shot down nine suns and spare the last sun in order to bring light to the land. Hou Yi became the hero and was rewarded with many exquisite things including an immortality pill. He then beome King of the land and soon after rule with an iron fist.

His wife, Chang Er stole the immortality pill as she cant stand watching the people suffer if Hou Yi becomes immortal hence swallow the pill herself. Suddenly, her whole body becomes very light and started to float to the moon. It so happen that that fateful day is the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar and the moon is full and bright.

Thus, that day is celebrated as Mid-Autumn Festival and the tradition of moon appreciation begins. To watch Chang Er so to speak. Oh, by the way Chang Er is said to be the most beautiful woman. Hmm, that explains why ppl moon ogle eh.

Now, lets move on to the second story, long time ago in China, during the harsh rule of the Mongols, there is this secret organization formed to revolt against the cruel Mongols rule. Secret message about the place and time for the revolt have to be sent to the members in vast places and they thought of putting the message inside moon cakes and distribute moon cakes to all their friends and relatives so that the Mongols would not be aable to sniff out the revolt.

On the 15th day of the eight month that year, the Chinese revolted against the Mongols and succeed in chasing the Mongols out of China hence that day is celebrated as Mid-Autumn Festival or known as Moon Cake Festival. Such is the folklore.

There, now you know the stories behind Mid Autumn Festival and Moon Cake Festival.

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  1. Happy Mooncake Festival to you! :)

  2. what is "moon ogle" ??
    n where is the bunny ??
    her pet ?? *curious*

  3. what about the 3rd version?
    the one where benard blog about the other 2 folk lore conjuring up another causing millions to surge benardcometh for years to come....


  4. 宝茹: Thanks.

    levian: ogle is "to eye amorously or provocatively" or "to look at especially with greedy or interested attention"

    The moon, nothing to eat.... choice... its fried bunny case i think.

    How to fry? Magic of course. =p

    3POINT8: Oh ya, that is another story for other day.. =p


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