Saturday, September 6, 2008

Borneo Highlands Part 3

*** Alright, this is the last part of the Borneo Highlands post.***

Continuation from Borneo Highlands Part 2, once aboard the Highland Tour transport, we are told that we will be going on a tour to see the nursery where you can buy flowers, see the Kalimantan border, and lastly a view around the properties there. And oh, it costs RM10 per person.

So, the first stop is at the flower nursery, there is quite a few variety of hibiscus(Malaysia's National Flower) and some other flowers.


Hibiscus Again

Hibiscus yet again

Unknown 1

Unknown 2

Unknown 3

Unknown 4

Unknown 5

Unknown 6

Unknown 7

Orchid thing

Unknown 8

Unknown 9

Pardon me for the many unknown flowers, I am not the flower guy type so, flowers are not exactly my forte. I just love to take pictures of em beautiful things.

After the nursery, we are on our way to the Kalimantan border of which we are told we can see the Kalimantan side or even when you step over to the other side you are in Kalimantan. Heck, with one leg in Malaysia and one leg in Kalimantan, you can say that you are in two place at one time. So to speak.

However, when we are there, all that we can see is fog and more fog. Talk about being lucky.

On the way up

Welcome to the view point

View? What View?

Mist all over

No view, Got Signboard

Then, we are told that Sakura flower also blooms here. Borneo Highlands Sakura that is. Don't go imagine the type that blooms so nice in Japan and where people can gather beneath the tree and do some picnic. This is way way different.

There, Sakura. Borneo Highlands Style

Closer look. A bit

The final part of the Highland Tour is to see the properties there where if you have the money, you can buy a villa or something. Heck, you can even build your own. Up to your preferences.

Example of property/housing/bungalow

And oh, we are told that our former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir also have housing at Borneo Highlands and the same as our current Sarawak Chief Minister, Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud who also have housing there. We would definitely like to see and take some pictures but we are not allowed to go there or rather the tour does not include those places.

Seems like they protect the confidentiality of their clients as they are not allowed to name who owns the properties aka big bungalows that we are shown.

And oh, I did not take the pictures of those bungalows due to the fact that my battery runs out and there is no spare battery. A very amateur-ish mistake I must admit.

And by the way, the following property/housing/bungalow is up for sale. Cheap cheap. Apparently, Borneo Highlands also develops housings for sale aside from just selling the land and let the owner custom build the place.

For sale

Did i mention cheap just now? My mistake, it costs around RM2.8 million. RM2,800,000 for that house with no compound or landscape of its own. Imagine how much the other big properties must have cost. Woot. Like I said, for the rich.

And oh, you can always stay at the chalets to experience Borneo Highlands with their package of which I don't quite remember the pricing. Yeah, I have short memory span. Very short, especially when it involved something that is expensive.

All in all, the Borneo Highlands experience is swell if you are into nature and that sort of stuff. There are lots of potential at this place. Sarawak Genting perhaps? Woot.

With that, ends the Borneo Highlands post.

You might want to have a look at Borneo Highlands Part 1.


  1. Can see that Borneo Highlands is reli a very boring place....

  2. can't see the sakura eh..must've been cold up there?


  3. -et3rnal-: Hell yeah... =p

    Mariposa: It's very small high up there... so I was told. Not really cold. Just ok.

  4. hey, still can go for day trip at Borneo Highlands now? I heard that they don't allow day trip anymore.

  5. Hi Sylvia, once a year it is open for the public to go up during the Colours of Nature event. Aside from that, they do have the day trip package. =)


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