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Monday, September 1, 2008

Waktu Imsak, Berbuka Puasa dan Happy Ramadhan

It's that time of the year for all my muslim friends to start fasting. It's RAMADHAN.

Happy RAMADHAN to all of you.

The one thing I am looking foward during this month of fasting is the Ramadhan Bazzar or Pasar Ramadhan. That is where all the glorious food will be. Lots of choices and you can literally eat till you drop providing you have enough money of course. =p

Anyway, like last year, BenardCometh Revelations will be posting the Waktu Imsak and Berbuka Puasa.

Here, the schedule for Waktu Imsak and Berbuka Puasa for Zon 8: Kuching, Lundu, Bau, and Semantan.

Waktu Imsak and Berbuka Puasa for Zon 8:
Kuching, Lundu, Bau, and Semantan

I think it is accurate and authentic as the source is from JAKIM website that regulates all that is Islam in Malaysia. For other areas, please refer to the main schedule.
There, that is it.

Again, Happy Fasting aka Selamat Berpuasa.

Here, a wallpaper dedicated for all of you.

Happy Ramadhan

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宝茹 said...

Happy Ramadhan! :D

Mariposa said...

that's nice of you!

levian said...

i heard they're gonna reduce the lunch hour ??
some of my friends are cursing their head off
about it lately. XD

Cometh said...

宝茹: Yeah...

Mariposa: Thanks. =p

levian: LOL.. Maybe go back earlier? =p

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