Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The following message could not be delivered to all recipients

ARGHHHHH, MSN Messenger Live Error.

The following message could not be delivered to all recipients

msn error

The Frustration, The Aggravation, The Annoyance, The Irritation, The Experation, The the-heck-am-I-repeating-the-same-meaning-words.

Seems like MSN likes to play trick on Yours Truly. Whenever I tried to chat something of importance, it never fails to do that to me. Every-single-fu*k*ng-time. F*CK THIS.
(Censorship have to be applied as I am once again reminded that there are some small kids reading this blog. What the heck are you kids doing here? Don't you all have other better things to do? Like perhaps, go throw stones at some dogs or cats, or go climb trees or even go superpoke someone in Facebook. Go now, shuu~~ shuu~~~)

And don't even bother to ask where the heck is the resident tech guy of BenardCometh Revelations. He is currently sulking in the corner to reflect his inability to solve such as simple error. Though as quick search using Uncle Google says that a lot of users are experiencing the same problem but there is NO excuse for not being able to solve this. Being the tech guy that is. 

Hmmm, perhaps the connection is the problem that cause this? With the "stable" and "fast" connection and all. It might just be the reason. Hmmmm. No, no excuses. 

Perhaps it is a sign that I should change to other instant messenger. Yeah, that must be it. 

Yahoo Messenger



Hah, in your face MSN Messenger Live. Lets see how you prevent me from chatting this time. Oh yeah, OWNED and PAWNED big time. 

Yes, I iz coolz
(Well, not that I am a puppy, but the expression mmmkay)


  1. do u heard of u can try meebo...u can use yahoo id or msn id or other chat id to log on...

  2. tell me about it ..
    i'm as sick of it as you are.
    the thing about web messenger,
    is unable to send files though.
    else i would very much stick to sites like
    ebuddy or something ..

  3. copy n paste your sentence'll normally send through.

  4. Maybe your internet connection is not that ok. I like MSN and Yahoo~~ :P Hehehehehehe...Meebo so so, it doesn't look very user-friendly.


  5. -et3rnal-: I don't really like the web version and also maybe cuz I am paranoid in thinking that online version have security issues. =p

    levian: Yeah, that is also another reason why I don't use it.

    Mariposa: I tried it like thousand times but still cannot. Only at time though. =p

    宝茹: I suppose. Grrrr

  6. What pisses me off the most is that most of my friends use it, cause we all like to use the MSN paint. I really don't want to change to another messenger because they don't have the paint.

    I just wish the people who are supposed to fix this problem will get their heads out of their asses


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