Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Keeping Fit

Definitely there is something wrong when the bathroom scale you step on cracks under your weight. 

I think I am the cause of the crack, I can't really remember. I guess it is the self-denial mode kicking in. Anyway, that crack must have "cracked" when I am nearing the 100kg mark few months ago. 
(Yep, stopped going to the gym rakyat for quite some time already. )

I must say that I am making quite an improvement since the scale cracking days but just to make things clear, I don't have the fitness mentioned before and the waist device thing doesn't really work. Not working for me at least. No 6 packs. Just one big pack combined together but let there be hope, I am pretty sure the 6 packs are hiding somewhere beneath the layers and layers of fat.

Anyway, this post will be an indicator for the starting of my experiment. One month from now and you will see the result, hopefully there will be a significant decrease in my weight. Being healthy is top priority mmmkay.

What experiment? Experiment that you will always be fit if your output energy is more than your input energy. Putting it in layman terms here. 
(Ceh, as if I know any other terms.)

My height is 184cm tall and my current weight as of this post is 93kg. My "prime" weight is back when I am in university and that is 80kg hence I am targeting 80kg. No, make it 85kg lah. Wait, make that 88kg one month from now. Setting a realistic goal is the key to success I would say. 88kg should be alright I guess. 

Alright, that is it.

Remember, Health is important. 

Be Healthy.

***This public awareness service is brought to you by BenardCometh Revelations, Your Preferred Daily Dosage of Revelations. =p***


  1. Aza aza fighting~!!! Gambatte~!!!

    Gaining weight is easy but losing weight is a very hard task...i understand~~ coz i m trying to lose weight too~


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