Friday, September 12, 2008

Bratwurst aka Sausage

One of my favorite food is the hotdog aka sausage and when I saw the Bratwurst aka sausage at a local supermarket, I bought it although with the price of one packet I can buy around 16 packets of normal chicken hotdogs aka sausage. Guess I am a sucker for sausages aye? 
Alright, that came out wrong. I assure you that I am very straight. Damn straight. Ok?

Bratwurst is actually derived from German as its the Germans who made it first. It is made of pork and veal though there might be more varieties now since not only Germans make it. 

So, I got myself a packet of 6 pieces Bratwurst that costs me around RM35. Like I said, food is my weakness. Major weakness. My kryptonite. Now you know how to defeat me. Have mercy, please.

5 pieces Bratwurst in its full naked glory
There are a few methods on how to cook your Bratwurst. Roast or Grill is up to you. The Bratwurst that I have bought is actually cooked already then frozen for sale. Longer lasting I would think. 

Anyway, I decided to just boil/shimmer it for consumption due to time considerations hence, to the simmering process the bratwurst goes. 
Simmering Process

Shimmer for a while and then it is ready to serve in any way you prefer. Here, I serve with some salad mixed with some ham. Need to have some vegetables you know. Balanced diet yo.
Bratwurst and Salad
Another view

Not really worth the price in my opinion. Maybe because of the way I cook it. I think I should have grilled it after simmering. It would taste much better I believe.

However, it is a different taste then the normal chicken hotdogs aka sausages. 
(Obviously, due to the difference in meat. What am I even commenting on. I must be losing my touch. OMG)


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