Thursday, September 18, 2008

Three Characters Classic - San Ji Zing Part 3

***Since there are quite a lot of requests asking for the continuation of the San Ji Zing, BenardCometh Revelations decided to post more until at least its complete. Happy Learning***

Continuation from Part 2, the third part of the Three Characters Classic- San Ji Zing.

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香 九 齡
Xiang Jiu Ling
Nine years old, Xiang

能 溫 席
Neng Wen Xi
Can warm the mat

孝 於 親
Xiao Yu Qin
Filial piety to parents

所 當 執
Suo Dang Zhi
Should be carried out

Rong Shi Sui
Rong at the age of four

Neng Rang Li
Could give up pears for family

Di Yu Zhang
Young towards Elder

Yi Xian Zhi
Should be known first



There is this young kid named Xiang who is just nine years old and at that age he already know how to warm mat/sleeping mattress aka do household chores.

This shows that filial piety towards parents is very important and that all children must be very filial towards their parents.

Then, there is another younger kid called Rong who at the age of four would give the pears for his family beforehand and this shows that the first thing the young should know is how to relate to the elders and how to properly treat them.



  1. where u get to learn all these?

    and as far as i know, ur chinese is poorer than me orhh~~ now u even know those chinese characters words...those are sth like idioms
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  2. Thanks for the write up


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