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Three Characters Classic - San Ji Zing Part 4

Three Characters Classic - San Ji Zing Part 4 is the continuation from Three Characters Classic - San Ji Zing Part 3.

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首 孝 弟
Shou Xiao Di
First filial and Brotherly

次 見 聞
Ci Jian Wen
Then look and hear

知 某 數
Zhi Mou Shu
Know Some Numbers

識 某 文
Shi Mou Wen
Know Some Characters

一 而 十
Yi Er Shi
One To Ten

十 而 百
Shi Er Bai
Ten To Hundred

百 而 千
Bai Er Qian
Hundred To Thousand

千 而 萬
Qian Er Wan
Thousand to Ten Thousand

三 才 者
San Cai Zhe
Three Forces These

天 地 人
Tian Di Ren
Heaven Earth Human

三 光 者
San Guang Zhe
Three Bright These

日 月 星
Ri Yue Xing
Sun Moon Star

三 綱 者
San Gang Zhe
Three Principles These

君 臣 義
Jun Chen Yi
Sovereign, Subject, Duty

父 子 親
Fu Zi Qin
Father Son Love

夫 婦 順
Fu Fu Shun
Husband Wife Harmony

曰 春 夏
Yue Chun Xia
Say Spring Summer

曰 秋 冬
Yue Qiu Dong
Say Fall Winter

此 四 時
Ci Si Shi
These Four Seasons

運 不 窮
Yun Bu Qiong
Move No End

曰 南 北
Yue Nan Bei
Say South North

曰 西 東
Yue Xi Dong
Say West East

此 四 方
Ci Si Fang
These Four Directions

應 乎 中
Ying Hu Zhong
Respond To Center



The first thing to learn is filial piety and brotherly love then learn other things such as learn how to count and learn how to read. Numbers from one to ten, from ten to hundred, from hundred to thousand and from thousand to ten thousands.

There are three fundamental forces which are the Heaven, the Earth, and Human. There are also three bright things which are the Sun, the Moon, and Star. There are also three basic principles which are the relation/duty between sovereign and subjects such as the love between father and son and the harmony between husband and wife.

Speaking of four seasons, the Spring, the Summer, the Fall/Autumn, and the Winter, the four seasons alternate endlessly. Speaking of the North, the South, the East, the West, these four directions points/define the center.


To be continued. Stay tuned for part 5.


  1. LOL...reading this is like watching series..there are jst so many parts to follow...i'm awaiting part5...

  2. Part 5 would be the last if I am not mistaken... then perhaps will continue on the Japanese lessons...

    Need to brush up on my Japanese a bit... heh


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