Thursday, September 4, 2008

Streamyx Customer Service Sucks

SUCKS big time.

Just now the ever so "efficient" Streamyx died on me for around 2 hours. Now, who's going to compensate me on the loss that I incurred during the downtime? Who? Who? And yet, here I am paying the bill on time every month. 
(Still have the nerve to ask me upgrade to 1MB. Yeah. Upgrade my a** I will.)

On a quick troubleshooting, the fault is definitely not with my hardware or anysort as I have spare hardwares that I can test and troubleshoot. 

Hence, I dial the ever so familiar number 100 and press the few numbers to reach the customer service only to be greeted by the ever so boring and annoying sound that keeps on repeating over and over again. Seriously, someone need to do some rotation of the automated voice. 

What Bu**Sh*t about "We care for our customers and appreciate the call and thing" when it is followed by the "Currently every-freaking-staff is busy, please hold/wait for a while." Oh, trust me, it is definitely more than a "while". Oh yeah, a while my a**. 

After repeating the above steps for like the Nth time, Yours Truly gives up. Surrender. Customer Service? What customer service? Where? 
It would be a whole lot better if  at least there is someone from customer service that tells me, "Sir, we are sorry for the inconveniences caused. Please be informed that Streamyx currently  are having problems and we are trying our very best to fix the problem. Thank you for the call." and "For compensation, thou shalt have a year worth of subscription with no strings attached as our gratitude for our loyal customer."
(Ok, maybe not the last part. That would be daydreaming now.)

However, since they manage to fix it in quite a record time which usually will be a miracle if the problem can be solved in a day or two, have to give them some credit LAH.
It  is understandable that things happen but at least have the decency of improving the Customer Service.  
How, the rotating automated voice would be swell. Can consider or not? 

At least if got that, people would not be so annoyed by the same annoying automated voice every-single-fu*ki*g-time.


-End of Ramblings-


  1. Cool down, man~

    This is what they say Made In Malaysia...malaysia service, malaysia product, what are u expecting?


  2. Not much competition I would say... grrrr


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