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Three Characters Classic - San Ji Zing Part 1

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This post will revolve around the moral issue for obvious reasons.

The Three Characters Classic or the San Ji Zing (三字經) is traditionally used to teach and instill moral values into children for the Chinese. It is based on Confucius school of thoughts.

Here, free moral lesson.

Chinese Writings
Pin Yin Readings
English Explanation

人 之 初
ren zhi chu
People at birth

性 本 善
xing ben shan
Are naturally good

性 相 近

xing xiang jin
Their natures are similar

習 相 遠
xi xiang yuan
Their habits become different

苟 不 教
gou bu jiao
If negligently or foolishly, not taught,

性 乃 遷

xing nai qian
Their nature deteriorate/widely differ

教 之 道

jiao zhi dao
The right way to teach,

貴 以 專

gui yi zhuan
Is with absolute concentration/thoroughness



People at birth are fundamentally good natured or morally good and initially their natures or characters are similar and as times passed their habits becomes different.
When the habits are different and there is negligence in teaching them or there is no teaching, their nature will deteriorate and the right way to teach is with emphasize on concentration and thoroughness.


Done. More to come.
(Yours Truly small effort/small step contributing towards a crime free society where everyone lives in peace and harmony.)
(Yeah, right. Dream on.)

To be Continued in San Ji Zing Part 2.


  1. Woah~~ I suddenly miss high school. :D

  2. LukXiuFung: Suppose so.... =(

    宝茹: Hmmm, you learn this at high school?

  3. Yeah~~ Memorize them, hehehe... :P but now in uni, no more Chinese lessons~~

  4. Great - my daughter is learning these and as I only speak minimal chinese that was really useful to help her. Do you have more translations???


  5. 宝茹: Self learn then... =p

    hansi2000: Hi there, I almost forget about this section of a post.

    I did mentioned that I will continue on with the post right?

    Thanks for the comment to remind me. Been busy lately..

    But I will try to resume posting the continuation of the San Ji Zing as soon as possible

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  6. why is it not "人之初,性本恶 people at birth, are naturally evil" Continue on, the poem says, "if negligently or foolishly, not taught, their nature deteriorate/widely differ". It makes sense that if we are not taught right, our nature will deteriorate. Surely, this indicates the evilness at birth. If we are naturally good at birth, why do we need to be taught to become good? If the reason is that evil will overcome good if not taught, then where does evil initally comes from if everyone was borned with pure heart?

  7. Anonymous. When one is bornt, he doesn't know what is evil. But you are right about he doesn't know what is good. But he will be neutral and do what is not morally wrong because he does not know how to do evil. Thus, we are born with goodness. The evil comes to us on bad teachings.


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