Tuesday, November 20, 2007


No news of the laptop. Have let it go already. No use pursuing the impossible. However, every now and then there is still expectation that the laptop would appear miraculously. Rest in Peace.

Yeah, I wish. Retribution indeed.

Just wait silently and hope that all the bad people would just disappear?

Still on the matter here and here.

Yes, I am one hell of a persistent guy. There are some developments regarding the case as today, there are pieces of new information I received. There are suspects sighted and the descriptions are noted. Perhaps there are still more and I will keep on investigating along the way.

Believe me when I say I have my suspects results from the investigation of my colleague and I. CSI Kuching style yo.
(The police did come but the only thing they do is just take some freaking photos of the place. I guess it is just some paperwork to be completed. End of story.)

SO, it is natural that yours truly is very the sian and very the tulan. Actually the sian-ness and the tulan-ness is still very high.

However, since naturally I am a very "friendly" and happy go lucky kind of guy. So, have to slowly revert back. I do believe that happy does bring luck. Happy come Luck come come.

Found some comic strips that lighten my day though. Old joke but funny nevertheless.

Be happy, Smile, Luck come come. Ohm~~Ohm~~Ohm~~. (Mantra reciting)

Laugh away then





**Am trying out the Picspay**
**If it's not good will revert back to Photobucket**

Got it from email actually but later found out that it is from UserFriendly.Org. Head over more more.


  1. "Do i reply to his email or tell him I got his email"
    That is a really good 1!!

  2. what is sian-ness and tulan-ness? and by the way, the comics are funny! LOL!! they brighten up my day! hehehe.. and that comics made me don't wanna be a customer service representative. Hahahahhaha.

  3. Yeah! The email comic is really funny!

    Hehehe...glad you're back! :P

  4. 3POINT8: Yeah, I really laughed.

    kaklong: Erm, sian-ness is like frustration (frust-ness) and tulan-ness is like pissed or geram like that. =p

    Princess Eileen: Thanks.

    宝茹: Yep...Here I am.


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