Friday, November 16, 2007

Hope and Expectation

***Updates- Latest development on the efforts updated below***

Still dwelling on the
previous post.

Yes, I know that the chances of getting back the stolen laptop is near to impossible but one can only hope and try any method possible regardless how impossible it is.

Nothing much to say except that I am doing my best and even try some investigating. I even resort to praying although I am not a devout Christian. The things that I would go through just to recover the data.

There is a colleague of mine whose laptop is also stolen at the same time (Being at the same place at the same time) and this colleague of mine has been consulting a few famous "bomoh" locally in the effort to recover back the stolen laptops. There are some development although not that promising but definitely there are something there which I can't really reveal here. Let's just see if it works. Hey, at least my colleague is making an effort instead of just leaving it to fate.

***Updates- Don't know whether you are reading this or not. Yes you, the one who stole the laptops. You might not believe in the supernaturals but please do yourself a favor and return the laptops before something real bad happens. Be it the legal way or the supernatural way. You know who you are.***

So, both of us are making different individual efforts instead of just doing nothing and accept fate.

Will update on whether successful or not. No matter how small or seemingly impossible it is, as long as there is hope then there is a chance that the hope can be realized. Even so, every misfortune might be blessings in disguise.

"What seem to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise”
Oscar Wilde

"In all things it is better to hope than to despair"
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Dum spiro, spero"
which means
"While I breath, I hope"
Latin Proverb

"I am very optimistic wan"
BenardCometh 2007


  1. Still not a single clue on your missing laptop??
    Good luck anyway. Hope there are some clues pop up some time soon

  2. Look at it in a positive light--you will get a newer laptop! :) More advance and more sophisticated!

    And well, starting over (with your researches and stuff) might not be such a bad idea. You will think of even better stuff--and--and, ummm...I know I'm not helping~~

    Those evil, evil people will be so overcome with their conscience~~ There! Curse for them! :P

  3. 3POINT8: There are some leads from the investigation but I cant really reveal much.


    宝茹: But my important data cant be recover no matter how even if I bought a new one....

    There are things that IF lost, nothing can replace. =(

    Thanks for the concern ya.

  4. frankly speaking, seeking BOMOH isn't a wise thing to do...reasoning since you belief in supernatural is true that 'they' might give u a lit' hint here n there...but they will not give u the best solution or perhaps they might caused u to even dwell more into insecurity,dissension and no peace.
    *if u have already seek some1 to help u 'pray' for some miracles, then let ur faith alone be in it.

  5. do hope u get ur laptop back, wat a shockening news indeed :(

    i understand also the feeling of losing all the important data, js like when my HD crashed last time where all my portfolio were inside...

  6. I think sometimes things happen for a reason, to test us. I think you handle it very well. I am sorry for the laptop but hope you regain other things. If you know what I mean. Take care.

  7. bomoh can help meh ?
    i also need bomoh help lol to help me to chase out those evil in my office..

  8. i wish there are less malaysians who steal other's stuff. Can't we have honest citizens? Everyone also wants "cepat kaya" through others' misery

  9. *C-lynne*: Thanks for your opinion. As I said, my colleague and I are doing our own individual efforts. Doing what we believed in. Proof are needed in order to really charge someone of the crime.

    yipguseng: Thanks and Yeah, not a good feeling.

    Princess Eileen: Definitely know what you mean. Thanks

    keeyit: Oh? got evils in your office?

    kaklong: Suppose so. A lot want to just take the easy way out by taking/stealing.


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