Saturday, November 3, 2007

SICKO by Michael Moore

This is a definitely must watch movie.(Documentary-like)

Now, I am not sure as to how true is the movie as I am not exposed or aware of the situation in other countries but if it is as bad as what is shown in the movie about America (US) then Please God, please not make Malaysia the same. =p

True or not, the concepts and idea shown in the movie is worth considering and discussed. The idea of free healthcare and education provided by the government (not entirely free of course, remember tax?) is really beneficial to its own citizen especially in healthcare where one doesn't need to worry whether they have the money to seek help or not and not having the need to choose between body limbs when one cannot afford the operation.

However, I doubt that all those medical corporations dealing with all the medicines would allow this as they will not profit as much and not to mention insurance companies.

But really the idea of having free healthcare and not worrying about it will be such a revolutionary idea. This is due to the fact that people get sick and people get old. The older one gets, the proneness to sickness increases. A country have to take care of its own citizens.

In the movie, there is this part where those terrorists are provided with better treatments than most of the American have. Is this even true? I shudder at the thought that those criminals are treated better than the citizens as if this healthcare problems escalate, everyone would want to be terrorists or criminals just for the better treatments.

There is also this part where there is this discussion about the democracy part which I liked. Quoted from the movie:

"There are two ways people are controlled-
frightened people and demoralized people"

"Educated and healthy nation is harder to govern and because of that certain "parties" don't want people to be educated and healthy and because they will get out of control"

"When people are poor, demoralized and frightened, they tend to choose the so-called stability over what is right"

There, what are you waiting for.

Go watch Sicko now. I don't care how you get it but JUST watch it.

Those who have information that can prove that the movie is true as what it shows are welcomed to enlighten me. Perhaps those from America, UK, Canada, and Cuba. =p


  1. Michael Moore has a history of exaggerating and fudging facts, and I'd bet he did some of that here. But yeah, the basic premise is true.

  2. Oh, is it? Anyone to clarify? =p

  3. But there is one country where health care and education is really free--Qatar.

  4. Is it??? Hmmmm..... the tax must be high then?

  5. I got this from

    "Qatar has no system of personal income tax, no value-added or sales taxes and no capital or wealth tax.

    The only taxes payable are:

    - Corporation Tax, applied mainly to foreign companies.
    - Import duties on essential items, imposed at 4% of the value of most products.
    - Service tax of 10% and government levy of 5% on restaurant and hotel bills.

    Corporation tax is payable on a progressive scale on any income in excess of QR 100,001, from 10% up to a maximum rate of 35% on income in excess of QR 5 million. There are a number of allowable deductions including interest payments, salaries, rentals, depreciation etc.

    Self-employed foreign professionals working in Qatar are also taxed on their income."

    So I guess it IS nice to live in Qatar, if you are not a foreigner. :)


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