Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cafe 96 Ti Amo

Had dinner at Cafe 96 Ti Amo which is located at Jalan Song. 

Interesting name for a cafe. Anyway, from outside it gives the perception that it is more like a pub-ish feel.

Inside, the atmosphere is actually quite nice for gatherings and chit chatting away.

The main course meals are nothing to shout about. The same with snack or finger food. They have an assortment of ice creams and drinks to choose from. More than the foods.

Pictures worth a thousand words aye? Lets have the pictures do the talking.


Interior another view

Cheesy Wedges (Not enough cheese though)

Long Bean Pancake

Curry Rice

Fish Fillet Rice

Pork Egg Soup Rice

Classic Pearl Milk Tea

Just one thing. Plastic??? Use some wooden bento kinda thing better. But that is just me.

There you have it. 

Cafe 96 Ti Amo located at Jalan Song, Kuching. 

Why 96? and not 69? 

I don't know.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ooooo La La

Officially Missing You 
is the Title

Ooooooo La La

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Normal Puppy Day


The name is Xiao Pu Dian or you can call me by my "ang moh" name Small Pudding

As you can see, I am relaxing on my master's thigh while on the look out for any signs of threat or hostility. I am after all a guard dog despite my size mmmmkay

Don't tell this to my master but he has one big fat thigh lar. I am trying my best to maintain my balance here

Back to work. I am very dedicated and ever ready to serve my master. Die enemies.....Die

X-Ray Vision ooo~~ la la~~~ Better get off his fat thigh

Watch out~~~ Here I come to save the day~~~

Uawarghhh~~ Being Guard Dog is hard work mmmkay

Blu~~~Blu~~~Blu~~~ Making faces at my master when he is not looking

Must~~~~ Not~~~~ Sleep~~~~

I can lick my nose~~ See???

Now Kids, Before crossing the road~~~ Please look to your right

And to your Left and Right again
(Just cross the damn road when there is no car)

Dear Master, can I get off work early? Pretty Please???

Can I??? Can I???


I am sleepy lar~~~~

Can I huh? Can I huh? 

Please???? I am begging here

Oh? Ok? 

Off I go


Until next time. Regards:
Xiao Pu Dian aka Small Pudding