Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Normal Puppy Day


The name is Xiao Pu Dian or you can call me by my "ang moh" name Small Pudding

As you can see, I am relaxing on my master's thigh while on the look out for any signs of threat or hostility. I am after all a guard dog despite my size mmmmkay

Don't tell this to my master but he has one big fat thigh lar. I am trying my best to maintain my balance here

Back to work. I am very dedicated and ever ready to serve my master. Die enemies.....Die

X-Ray Vision ooo~~ la la~~~ Better get off his fat thigh

Watch out~~~ Here I come to save the day~~~

Uawarghhh~~ Being Guard Dog is hard work mmmkay

Blu~~~Blu~~~Blu~~~ Making faces at my master when he is not looking

Must~~~~ Not~~~~ Sleep~~~~

I can lick my nose~~ See???

Now Kids, Before crossing the road~~~ Please look to your right

And to your Left and Right again
(Just cross the damn road when there is no car)

Dear Master, can I get off work early? Pretty Please???

Can I??? Can I???


I am sleepy lar~~~~

Can I huh? Can I huh? 

Please???? I am begging here

Oh? Ok? 

Off I go


Until next time. Regards:
Xiao Pu Dian aka Small Pudding 

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  1. Hola Lil Puding! I love your earssssssss =D we just got a new Puppy too. Check her out ;)


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