Saturday, August 30, 2008

Borneo Highlands Part 2

*** Continuation from Borneo Highlands Part 1 ***

Back to where I left off in the previous post on Borneo Highlands. After visiting the Tea House, Yours Truly went around the Flower Garden and snap some photographs of the flowers. Quite a variety selection of flowers available.
(Obviously, since it IS called the Flower Garden.)

Marigold Path

Marigold Again

Marigold Yet Again

Not sure what is the name

Not really sure what's the name

Closer Up

Purple-ish Flower

Some weird looking flower

(Sound like a STD or something...)

Ghomphrena Close Up

Big-ass Flower

Yet Another Big Ass Flower

Flower having the 'blues". Get it? Having the blues.

Weird Hanging Thing

Water Lily

There is a bird of paradise in the Flower Garden. That must be one heck of a bird to be called the bird of paradise. Even the name sounds way cool. Here, I have some photos of the so called bird of paradise.

Well, like the sign says 'Bird of Paradise"
(Look real hard and you will be able to see the bird of paradise.)

I felt cheated with the name of the plant. Bird of paradise indeed. Oh ,the naive me thinking that there will be a bird of paradise flying around. The gullible me felt cheated. Hence, in a fit of rage yours truly came upon the real bird of paradise plant. This is the case of, "Will the Real Bird of Paradise, please stand up?".

Chirp~~~ Chirp~~~ Chirp~~~
(Birds should sound like that)

Bird of Paradise in its fullest glory

There is also some stone bench-like structure in the Flower Garden. With animal theme incorporated into it. Specifically, the cat. Feline theme. Since, looking around Flower Garden involve some walking time, the structures function as a place to rest your ass on. So to say.

Cat for Cats City


Apparently they think Doraemon fits the cat theme
(Well, technically speaking Doraemon is a cat)

After loitering around Flower Garden for a while, it tends to get boring fast since there is nothing else to do but flower watching. Yours Truly am not a bee ya know. Hence, Yours Truly opted for the Highland Tour for an additional Rm10 per person which apparently drives you to the Flower Nursery, Kalimantan Border, and the view of some properties that belongs to some rich folks.

The post on the Highland Tour will have to wait till the next and last part, Borneo Highlands Part 3.

Tickets for Highland Tour

The Highland Tour Transport

That is it for this post, Borneo Highlands Part 2.

To be continued......

Stay tuned for the next and last part, Borneo Highlands Part 3.


  1. the flowers look pretty but it is reli boring if just keep on admiring at those flowers there~~!!

  2. Did you get a sniff at the water lily? Different coloured ones have different frangrance to it. Just be careful not to fall into the pond =P


  3. -et3rnal-: True... =p....

    Mariposa: Not really...the clumsy me would really fall into the pond if I tried... =p

  4. Hello. I would like to ask for your permission to use one of the marigold flower picture in my greeting card. Someone special to me is having her birthday coming up soon, and I'd like to give her my own designed card. Can you please grant me permission? Thank you so much for your consideration.

  5. Gen Fujita: Hi there, if its for personal use then feel free to use. You will have to copy from the post as I am not sure where I put the high res copy. =)


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