Friday, August 15, 2008

Battle of the LEEs

Between Lee Chong Wei and Lee Hyun-il that is.

Just finished watching the semi-final Beijing Olympic 2008 badminton match between MALAYSIA and KOREA.

LEE CHONG WEI goes into the FINAL. Woot.!!!!!!!
Lee Chong Wei wins the first quarter and Lee Hyun-il won the second then the last quarter won by Lee Chong Wei. I never knew watching badminton could be that exciting.
(I am not too familiar with badminton lingua/terms hence I hereby declare that the each period played is called quarters. That is how it shall be called from now forth at BenardCometh Revelations.)

I am not really a badminton fan since I am more to basketball guy but this is a must watch for us Malaysians ok?

The ONLY Malaysian HOPE for a gold at the Beijing Olympic 2008. 
This is quite exciting knowing a fellow Malaysian having the chance of getting a gold at the Olympic.
There, that is all.

Remember to tune in to the Final Beijing Olympic 2008 Badminton Finals. 

MALAYSIA FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. hopefully M'sia will win in the final round!

  2. hopefully M'sia will win in the final round!

  3. herm .. erm ..
    go msia go ??
    ok herm .. eto ..
    *trails off*

  4. lee chong wei lost to lin dan ~~~ Lin Dan win easily without much effort...

    LCW's performance not very good tonite...seems nervous~ what a pity~!!! Anyway, at least..finally we can see our malaysia flag been raised in there!!!!


  5. Nux V: Yeah.... but the silver.

    levian: LOL

    -et3rnal-: Well, Lin Dan is too much of an opponent. =)


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