Monday, August 4, 2008



This is the friendly resident chef of BenardCometh Revelations bringing to you today's post about Shisamo.

Before we continue, a little bit introduction about Shisamo aye?

Shisamo is a type of horny actively reproductive fish. This can be seen evidently from the fact that Shisamo are almost always pregnant. By pregnant, means there will be a lot of fish eggs and that is the main attraction of Shisamo.

Yes, Shisamo are eaten just for their eggs. The thousands of potential baby Shisamo eaten in a mouthful. So, technically if there are ever anyone who challenge you to eat a lot of fish in one sitting, choose Shisamo. You will eat thousands of fish. Literally.
(If you don't understand what I am talking about then nvm, you low IQ, You)

So, back to the post. This chef got his hands on some Shisamo and the first thing he thinks is to share with you people. Nice or not?

Lets have a look at the Shisamo.


Shisamo Cleaned

Alright, clean up the Shisamo and proceed to heat up some oil in the pan/wok. Then proceed to deep fry the Shisamo when the oil is hot enough.
(For the uninitiated, YOU do NOT test whether the oil is HOT or NOT by putting in one of your fingers to test. Use a wooden chopstick and if it is hot enough, you will see bubbles. Traditionally proven that is. Remember, don't use your fingers. Don't heed what the Yoga/Yogi/Dharma Master says. They are trained in the art of dipping finger in hot boiling oil. They are professional. You are NOT.)

So, deep fry the Shisamo in hot boiling oil until they are crispy golden and arrange em on a plate.

Don't tempt fate, use a wooden chopstick
NOT your fingers
(Ignore the warning if you are a trained professional)

Arrange Properly

So, once the fried Shisamo cools down a bit, it is ready for consumption. Please note that all Shisamo MUST have eggs in em. If the fish that you eat does not contains thousands of little eggs, you have been royally officially cheated by your friendly fishmonger/supermarket/mall. That is not Shisamo.

How does the eggs look like? Here.

Shisamo Eggs

Shisamo Eggs Again

There, a fast and simple Shisamo dish. Yummy.
***Updates: Just realized that I missed out on the taste part. Well, it taste like a lot of eggs in your mouth kind of taste. =p***

Now, excuse me. I have some thousands of potential baby Shisamo to kill frying to do.


  1. u eat that the eggs???? it looks gross to me~~

  2. looks good....but taste...i dunnoe!


  3. 宝茹: Taste like fish... hohohoho =p

    -et3rnal-: Its delicious. =p

    Nux V: Try try...

  4. one of my favorite dish among dozens that i like. Nice picture presentation you got there.


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