Friday, August 8, 2008


Today is 08/08/08. That's 8th August 2008. This is one hell of an auspicious date if according to the Chinese calendar and being Chinese, numbers are very important mmmmkay. Sort of.

I think there will be many love birds or couples getting married today. Congratulations.

Why you ask that this date is good? Well, 888 in Chinese is Ba Ba Ba or in Cantonese is Pat Pat Pat which sounds like Fa Fa Fa or Fatt Fatt Fatt that means get rich or get wealthy. So, 8 is considered a good number. Same goes for 9, where it represents longevity.

However, if you look at it from different perspective, 888 or Pat Pat Pat means "keh poh" or busybody or gossip and if 9, Kau would mean dog. So 999 would be a doggy affair.

Anyway, the point here is that people choose to believe or have the perspective that they want. At the end, it comes down to oneself. What do they believe and how it is going to affect them. The mind is a powerful thing.

Bah, sounds like I am doing some motivation mojo shit. I better stop already since todays post is to tell you that today is one auspicious day with the nice number of a date not some brainwashing session.

Last but not least, pictures of the puppies.
(Yeah, totally unrelated...I know. But, what the heck.)
Pwetty Please???
I iz Cute


  1. remember last year u wrote a blog on 070707 n i told u that more ppl will also choose 080808 or 090909 to get marry~...Whoa, see ..time reli past so is oledi 080808...~

    if last year i decide to get marry on 080808 then today is my marriage day di lor~ =P
    Anyway, today reli a special day becoz of the Olympic Games opening ceremony~ Become a hot topic for everyone!

  2. cutie puppie...
    btw, the Games opening ceremony was superb!

  3. Same comment as et3rnal. Time's so fast!!!

    That one about keh poh~~~ Hahahahahaha

  4. 888 basically origin in china, the "patang" race .. but .. for the chinese (again), 8/8/8 n 9/9/9 ain't good. all because it is july in chinese calendar. boo! *smirk*

  5. -et3rnal-: Suddenly I feel old... =p

    Nux V: Yeah, Superb

    宝茹: Time does past by fast... =p

    levian: Hohohoho, and yes, that is true also... =p


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