Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Attention Seeker


This is the resident dog trainer of BenardCometh Revelations. For my virgin post, I will show you how to identify when your dog wants your attention or if your dog is the attention seeking type aka Attention Seeker.

Now, this is how your dog will look like when he/she wants your attention.

 the Prelude

Notice that the dog is just pretending to look at something far away to show that he/she do not care less whether you pay attention or not. Then, when your are off guard, the dog will commence his/her attention seeking strategy.
Play dead

First, he/she will play dead and publicly display its reproductive organ for whatever reason that still eludes the brightest brains today.

If the first time is not successful, the dog will start the stare-session where he/she will try to gain sympathy by trying to act cute or use the electric stare to soften you.
Roll Left

After that, if still unsuccessful, the dog will start to roll left and right frantically to catch your attention, hoping that you will be trapped by the attention seeking strategy practiced by all canine since time immemorial.
Roll Right

Now, if up to this stage and still unsuccessful, normally the dog will not give up that easily and will repeat the steps/strategies until you give in.
However, for Lucky's case. He have to give up early as he knows he don't have the chance to compete. Thus he will publicly display the disappointed pose or losing pose or the give up pose.

 Giving Up

The reason why he think he can't compete and gives up that easily is because there are other attention seekers that have much more effective strategy. Being small and cute.
I am Innocent
Strategy commencement

The licking strategy
I am Cool

Lastly, the I am cool strategy to pretend not to want attention. This normally will result in more attention being given with the continuous kissing and rubbing the belly.
Alright, that is it for a bit know how. 
Excuse me, I have some puppeh to train.


  1. Now ur puppy looks cute di when it grows up~

  2. hahaha~! That is funny. my dog used to "accidentally" step on ur foot with his paws. My house, now with two kittens.. they dont act, they just meowing away till you give up... or they just attack you.

  3. i knew you ..
    i knew That style of yours !!
    you're like ..
    totally twisting everything again !!
    n proudly, i did Not fall for it this time.
    (but dang ..
    i'm here because of the topic again ..

  4. So small!!! You have too many puppies!

  5. -et3rnal-: They are always cute... =p

    Liew: Oh, the attacking part is something new... Point noted... =p

    levian: You know that you are always welcomed here.... =p

    宝茹: Actually I have only 3 puppies... =p


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