Thursday, August 14, 2008

Best Free Software 2008


This is the resident geeky tech guy of BenardCometh Revelations. Today's post will be on free software(s). Who doesn't like free stuffs rite? There's even a saying that goes something like , "The Best Thing In Life is Free".

Anyway, the followings free software(s) are what the people at BenardCometh Revelations uses. Even the resident chef uses the software(s) and he is an idiot when comes to computer stuffs so there wont be any problem for all of you technological savvy people in using the software(s) since the chef guy is using it with ease.
(Please rest assured that there is no personality disorder kind of stuff happening at BenardCometh Revelations. There is no such thing. =p)

So, lets get to the free software(s) shall we?
(Please note that the following recommendations are based on the experiences of the author and it might differ according to preferences.)

The links are the download links, just in case you want to download and try it out. Yeah, I know. I am a nice guy.
(Again, remember that what matters is what I think and NOT what you think. =p)

Best Free Software(s) 2008

The best free AntiVirus : Avira AntiVir Personal.

The best free AntiSpyware/adware : Lavasoft Ad-Aware 2008.

The best free Firewall : Sunbelt Personal Firewall.

The best free FTP client/solution: Filezilla.

The best free CD/DVD solution/recovery: Isobuster.

The best free File Archiver: 7-Zip.

The best free Internet Browser: Mozilla Firefox 3.

The best free Email Client: Mozilla Thunderbird 2.

The best free Office Productivity Suite: Open Office.

The best free Video Player: VLC player
(Or you can just use the Windows Media Classic which works like a charm)

Right, that is the list of the free software(s) that I have tried and so far all of them works perfectly to my needs.

There are others free software(s) that I have not mention but I think the listed ones are the best for their respective categories and of course I know that there are a lot other categories that I have not covered.At the moment, there is no need for me to use software in other categories, hence there will be no recommendations.

Last but not least, you might want to look into the free portable software(s) section if you want to carry your software around with you in a thumbdrive/flashdrive/**insert your choice of drive**.

The best portable software(s) can be found in Portable Apps. Go have a look if you are interested.

That is it for today's post.

I shall bid all of you farewell for now.

(Damn, that sounds a bit sissy. A bit)


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