Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Buah Kuini aka Kuini Fruit

Got my hands on some Kuini Fruit aka Buah Kuini. It's been quite a long time since I last eaten Kuini. If I am not mistaken, the last time I tasted Kuini is back when I am in Sibu.

Anyway, an introduction on the Kuini Fruit should be the priority I believe. The Kuini Fruit goes by the scientific name "Mangifera Odorata". Cool huh. Even sounds like Japanese. Later some Ah Beng or Ah Lian would use that name since Japanese style is a hit among Ah Bengs and Ah Lians. I suppose. Hell, it might goes on like, "Hi, my name is Odorata, Mangifera Odorata, Jr.". Somewhere along that line.

Back to the facts, Kuini is actually a type of mango. At least in the same family tree. Relatives with mango yo. Aside from the "Mangifera Odorata", it is also called the Saipan Mango or Fragrant Mango and is native to tropical Asia.

Beware though, the sap on the Kuini is poisonous. So, don't go and eat unripe Kuini. Only eat ripe Kuini mmmmkay?

Done with the introduction, lets have a look at the Kuini shall we?

Be a real man
Use Peeler for all your peeling needs
Kuini Peeled
Peeling Aftermath
Delicious Kuini Flesh
Yum Yum

There, Kuini ready for consumption. Now, I will have to stop here and go gobble up all those Kuini do my stuff. Important stuff I am doing.

Sekian, Terima Kasih.


  1. Hi
    Nice pics. Just to tell you I grabbed a kuini pic. Thanks and Im credited to you .:)

  2. Hi! I have a question about this kuini fruit? How does a fruit worm gets into the kuini fruit when the fruit is in a very good condition, beautiful skin and everything with no sign of bruise or damage on it, but when you cut it you can see worms inside.

  3. FJL: Hey there. Thanks for the credit. =)

    Anon: What am I? The freaking fruit scientist? Kidding... Anyway, I am not too sure myself. Sorry

  4. hai,

    may i know where u get this kuini? the specific place?? i want visit the farm?

  5. baya klate: Hi there, I am not sure where you can get it. I got the kuini from a friend. If you want to visit a kuini farm, maybe you need to go to Sibu.

  6. wah mantap bos... btw lokasi tepatnya sibu dimana bos?

  7. I'm reading this in 2015. Just wanna add that kuini is a seasonal fruit. At this moment I am gobbling a big bowl of it myself. I got mine from johor. Muar roadside.. or fruit seller..

  8. Looks heavenly
    In am salivating
    Will be in Malaysia in December
    I will search for it
    Can you pinpoint a place for me

    1. Muar Johor as above comment... Or if you are in Sarawak any places that sells fruits I guess..


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