Tuesday, August 19, 2008

KuiMonNa Special


KuiMonNa Special is the latest drink invented at BenardCometh Revelations. Previously, there is the Banana Choco Walker Delight attempt. Now, its the KuiMonNa Special.

What  exactly is KuiMonNa Special? Well, it is a kind of drink specially formulated for the healthy growth of the kids at BenardCometh Revelations. It consists of Kuini, Lemon, and Banana hence the name KuiMonNa. Remember the Kuini post? Just in case you don't know what Kuini is.

So, lets get started with the ingredients. 

Right, so you will need to get some juice out of the Kuini first. After that, get the juice from the lemons and lastly slice some bananas. The Kuini juice looks like the following.
Kuini Juice
(I am pretty sure you don't want to know how I get the Kuini juice)
Anyway, After u got the juice and the banana sliced. Pour all of em into a blender and start to blend em a bit. Add in some ice cubes only if your blender can blend ice cubes. For obvious reason.

Blend some more until you are satisfied. Voila, one KuiMonNa Special coming right up.
KuiMonNa Special
There, that is how you make KuiMonNa Special. A healthy drink created at BenardCometh Revelations.

Now, drink up. It's good for yer health.



  1. You should start a restaurant. Seriously. You love to cook and concoct stuff. :D


  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence... =p


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