Sunday, August 17, 2008

No Challenge

Looks like Lee Chong Wei going to get the Datukship afterall. Congrats Datuk Lee Chong Wei

"Mou Tak Fight"
aka No Challenge is exactly what describes the match between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan.

The Beijing Olympic 2008 Badminton Final match is a bit disappointing. It's not that because Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei lose to Lin Dan but because of the whole match is boring. The difference is so obvious and in the few minutes through the game, it is obvious who will win the match already.

There goes Malaysia's hope for gold. It's a silver for the men badminton singles.

On a different tone, it is quite interesting to see Lin Dan throwing his badminton racket to the audience. That I can understand but shoes??

Yeah, he throw his shoes to the audience. Just after the sweat fest he went through. Arghhhh, Shoes??? Not smelly meh?

Hell, if it's me he throw the shoes to, I would sue his ass for the horific experience I would have gone through. Yes, the trauma of having smelly shoes thrown to me.

Anyway, congratulation for Lin Dan for winning the gold. It is clear that he is the better player.

As for Lee Chong Wei, congrats for getting the silver but I still think that he could have done better. Maybe it's the stress and the mental pressure he is having. He should have done better.

All in all. It's over now. Silver is still good.
(The 1 million would be good though, and I am pretty sure he would get Datukship if he gets the gold. But then again, lets not dwell on that. =p)


  1. 4 out if 12 matches ..
    i don't think there is enough stability,
    while many depends on luck n miracle.

  2. Too disappoint with lee chong wei's performance..he didnt perform well...Lin dan win the game easily~

    Gone the RM 1 million~~~ or else he can retired di with that RM 1 million~

  3. I also think that he din perform well lol.. How can China won so much of points?? If near then still ok la

  4. he looked so nervous. I would be too hearing the crowd cheer so loudly. Was so scared to watch the match!! Just wished he gave Lin Dan more of a run of his money.

  5. Silver isn't bad. Hey, you know I heard this saying "Bronze is good--at least you got in the top 3. But silver?? It's like I almost won... -_-"

    But silver is still good. :)

    Congratulations Malaysia!


  6. levian: Luck eh....

    -et3rnal-: Not forgetting the monthly Rm5K if he did get the Gold... hohohoho

    keeyit: Yeah, piece of cake for China... LOL

    Mariposa: Yeah, true.

    宝茹: True...Silver is still good... =p


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