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Borneo Highlands Part 1

This Borneo Highlands post will be split into three(3) posts due to the inability of the author, Yours Truly in filtering the many pictures. Yes, Yours Truly's skills in photography is "teh awesomest" until he cannot choose and filter which pictures to be posted.

All are just to damn good. However, filter he did and manage to choose around 70++ pictures to be posted out of nearly 200++ pictures.

On the 20/08/2008, Yours Truly went to the Borneo Highlands. For more info about Borneo Highlands and Borneo Highlands Resort, go to the Borneo Highlands Resort website. All you want to know about Borneo Highlands including how to get here and etc are stated in the website.

Here, Yours Truly am going to show you what he experienced during the trip to Borneo Highlands. It's a day trip.

Borneo Highlands foothill entrance is around one hour drive from Kuching and Yours Truly arrived at the foothill entrance at around 10am in the morning.

Borneo Highlands Foothill Entrance

There is quite a lot of cars parked along the stretch of road near the Borneo Highlands foothill entrance prompting yours truly to park his car just opposite the entrance gate.

The battle car located on the bottom right of the picture
(Can't reveal much of the battle car, mmmkay)

More cars parked at the side of the road

After parking the battle car under a nice shade, Yours Truly proceed to the Borneo Highland foothill entrance's counter and purchase the tickets for the transport to the Flower Garden from the foothill and back. It costs RM30 per person.

The tickets

Usually, Borneo Highlands are off-limits unless you are staying at the resort or HAVE property there. And if you so happen to be the few people who HAVE property there, or even plan to stay overnight then you can drive your own car all the way up. And also of course you would not want to leave your car at the foothill entrance if you are staying overnight.
(I think for the month of August, they are open for day trips. Not really sure whether it is still open for day trips or not.)

However, at times when they are open for day trips, I think it is alright for you to drive up in your own vehicle. Then again, why bother when after estimation, the cost of driving up is more than using the resort's transport?

Hence, the resort's transport option is the best choice for the day trip.
The big ass signboard in front of the entrance also helps in brainwashing influencing people to not drive their car up. Think of the air to be shared by all, don't be selfish or be inconsiderate by sharing your smelly car smoke/emission.

Big ass signboard

Depends on your timing, you might need to wait for the resort's transport and to make it easier for you to wait, there is a waiting room equipped with air conditioning and also a public toilet.

Waiting room

Public Toilet

After waiting for a while, the resort's transport arrive. It's a modified lorry fitted with benches at the back with some protective railings.

Resort's Transport

The way up is quite steep at some parts and after experiencing it, it is a good idea after all to use the resort's transport up. The scenery is quite nice. Heck, with mother nature one can't really criticize.

Up up and away

Higher up

Right, now time for some random views on the way up. All along the way, Yours Truly am like trigger happy with the constant photo taking. Fly like a butterfly, Sting like a bee, and something along that line. =p


Sky High



Blue Sky



After a while, or make that more than a while. The gate entrance to the Borneo Highlands Resort can be seen and there is a welcome greeting in the form of plants and flowers.

Second gate entrance

Welcome To Borneo Highlands Resort

Since the ticket is only valid for the transport to Flower Garden, it is obvious that is the drop off place. Off I go to take some pictures and look around the Flower Garden.

Flower Garden

Flower Garden another view

Yet another view

Place to sit on if you are tired
(Have to be careful though, there are bees the size of my fist buzzing around - Well, I might exaggerate a bit there... =p)

There is a Tea House located inside the Flower Garden with the tables and chairs but is empty and looks quite deserted.The surrounding environment makes it an ideal place to relax and well, drink tea and enjoy the fresh air.

Tea House

Tea House
(The Chinese character represent LOVE)

There is a signboard with some philosophy stuff relating to the Tea House. Some mojo thing I guess.

Tea House Signboard

Let me interpret for you the meaning of the philosophical stuff written on the sign board. I am quite well versed in that sense.

First, if you have any worries, just take off your shoes and you will worry no longer. Yes, it is that amazing and magical. Somehow, taking off your shoes will magically make all your worries disappear. Just like that. With no strings attached.

Second, why bath? Why waste money on all those body shampoo and body scrub when you can easily cleanse/clean yourself by washing just your feet. Yes, it is that easy. Now everyone can cleanse. Make that few times a day ya?

Third, this is the best of em all. Now go choose someone you want to be equal with. Lets say you want to be equal in wealth with Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, just go and bow to them then you will be equal. Yep, it is really that easy. Hell, why settle for one? Bow to both of them and you will get their wealth combined. Way cool.

Lastly, if you are offended with the explanations, I don't give a damn cuz I can always take off my shoes and no worries just like that then I apologize to thee.

Back to the post,near the Tea House, there is a mini stone bridge and mini hanging bridge. Just felt that it should be mentioned. Mini is the all rage now. I Suppose.

Mini Stone Bridge

Mini Hanging Bridge
(Not exactly that mini. Maybe small would be more appropriate.)

Before I end the post and continue in the next post, there is just one more thing. Borneo Highlands is all about nature. Back to Nature of some sort. Hence, the toilet are designed in a way that one can enjoy nature while doing own "business" inside the toilet. The fresh air and the nature must have a very therapeutic effect in the ease of "releasing".

Male Toilet

For your ease of "letting go"

With that Borneo Highlands Part 1 ends.

To be continued.....

Stay tuned for


  1. Finally u post on this~ i thought u hav forgotten di...

    hmm seems like very far away from kch town...and upthere only hav scenery, not much attractions or activities to do rite?? It looks peaceful...a good place for getaway from the hustle and bustle of the town...But the toilet kinda...."unpleasant" and "uncomfortable" for gals~~ =P

  2. Hahahahaha...that signboard in front is the best! I'm sure you laughed when you read it. :P

  3. hmm.. quite nice place.. for sight-seeing. izit cold up there??

    but da toilet? i guess i hv to agree wif -et3rnal-

  4. nice~!! like it... -Liew-


  5. -et3rnal-: Well, looking at nature and looking a nature again... =p

    宝茹: Yeah... =p

    xaximie: Nope..not cold...I even sweat considerably... Then again..that is maybe cuz I am fat... =p

    Mariposa: Thanks.

    Anonymous: Thanks.


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