Sunday, August 10, 2008


Last night there was a blackout for several hours and from what I heard, seems like the whole Sarawak was affected by the blackout.

So, what to do during a blackout?

Aside from looking at the moon and staring at the stars wondering the very purpose of existence and not to mention to marvel at the greatness of life, the world, and the universe, one have to do what one have to do.

In my case, lit up some candles and thus in the darkness, light can be found. All those motivation mojo thing. Light at the end of the tunnel or somesort. Wait, that is wrong. That is reserved when you go meet your Maker. Not during blackouts.
Anyway, Yours Truly in the darkness manage to find some candles and lit it up, then proceeds to take out his trusty old Canon Powershot A70.

To take pictures of the candles and the surrounding, hoping to capture "something" else. Nah, just want to take some pictures of the candles. I would be freaked out if there are other "things" aside from the candle.

Here. Made it into 1024x768 size. I think it make a good desktop wallpaper. I think. And what matters here is what I think NOT what you think.

Stop with the thinking and look at the pictures. =p

Light Darkness
Lights Emerging
Have Faith
So, don't lose hope. Ever.


  1. yeah..blackout in sibu too..

    All ppl went out making the traffic jam in town, sitting inside the car at least got air-cond while enjoying the darkness ~

  2. "And what matters here is what I think
    NOT what you think."
    i think you're just bored out of your mind.
    there i said it, what are you gonna do about it.
    *provoke* buahaha !!


  3. 宝茹: Thanks

    -et3rnal-: That night is quite cool already what. =p

    levian: Grrr, I am gonna, I am gonna... Thank you for your opinion... =p

  4. my office blackout today... what a rare one. uhuhu. finally the managemt decide to dismiss us. HAPPY. ;p


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