Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dumb Blonde

Now now,

BenardCometh Revelations is not saying that all blonde are dumb. It's just that the dumb blonde thing is a popular stereotype perspective, people has against blonde-haired women. American especially. Hence, there is always popular blonde jokes that one finds every now and then.

Normally dumb blonde is viewed as attractive and popular but lacking in both common sense and intelligence. However, I do believe that there is no such thing as dumb people, just ignorant people. Ignorance makes people look or sound dumb/stupid.

Anyway, found this funny advertisement on YouTube. It's about dumb blonde with IPOD Shuffle and mistakenly take it as a pregnancy test kit. Hilarious I tell you. That is not dumb. That is just ignorance or not exposed to the knowledge. Yep, that seems to be the perfect explanation.


Dumb Blonde???

Now, those who don't understand the video clip or find that its not funny. You need help. Seriously. Go get some professional help before it gets worst......................

...................and infectious. =p

Better yet, look at the mirror and check whether you are a blonde or not. =p
(Please note that the last sentence is intended to be a light-natured joke. If you are offended, obviously you are a blonde I am sorry and I apologize to thee.)


  1. nola.. dun want that..

    hey, what is your domain url ar?

  2. ahaha !!
    she's is still excited after that.
    one of a kind probably. XD

  3. keeyit: you are acting as if you are a blonde? =p

    levian: Yeah.... hilarious...


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