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2008 Chinese Horoscope/Zodiac Feng Shui

Considerable long post ahead. Proceed if you are not scared of being bored to death.

2008 Chinese New Year starts on the 7th and in Malaysia the public holiday will be on the 7th and 8th of February 2008. Refer to 2008 Malaysia Public Holidays for other public holidays. Better plan ahead for your holidays to avoid any last minute rushing.

Anyway, for the 2008 Chinese New Year, yours truly found some Feng Shui that is based on the 12 animals zodiac. To know more about the story/legend on how the 12 animals are selected as the zodiacs, read the Chinese Horoscope/Zodiac.

What is Feng Shui? Direct translation would be Wind Water. In Chinese culture, gentle wind and clear water have always been linked with good harvest and good health. So, good Feng Shui is well, good and bad Feng Shui is of course bad and should be avoided.

Feng Shui or "Fung Shway" as the Ang Mohs would pronounce it, is actually an ancient art developed in ancient China that teaches the way to balance the energies (chi) in the environment to ensure good health, wealth and good fortune for people who practice it. Well, will not go in depth on Feng Shui as the focus is on the Chinese Horoscope/Zodiac Feng Shui.

So, if you read the Chinese Horoscope/Zodiac. You will know that there are 12 animals chosen as zodiacs. It is said that one's fortune and personality is based on the zodiac and thus Feng Shui will also use the zodiacs as reference.

The followings are taken from an email sent to me. I don't know who is the original author thus unable to credit the author.
I also wish to emphasize that the following Feng Shui might not be true and that there are studies done to test the accuracy of the Feng Shui technique as a whole but have not been 100% proved.
However, I do believe the science part and rationale of Feng Shui ultimately is for creation of harmonious environment.

Alright, that clarification done. Lets start with the Rat. This is the year of the Rat in case you are still in the blur.
(Be sure to check out the last section for the extra bonus tips for the Rat)

1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996

Changes! Changes and Changes! For better or worse….read on..!
You will face changes in all aspect of life (residential, relationship as well as career).
In general, if you are born in between May 5 th till August 8th, you will have many to cheer about (improve in financial standing as well as authority, hey! you might get promoted, congratulation), for others, you need to face tough and rough path but having said that this is not the end of the world, you need to be more mobile or in constant move in order for you to fence off unwarranted circumstance.

This is a year that requires emotional management (high EQ) more than facing financial difficulty. Be cautions when dealing with heavy duty stuff or rough sports, your arms and legs will get hurt easily.

1936 Rat will involve in investment one way or the other, but remember in favor for those winter born person and watch out summer born person, you will have big surprises. Conduct regular health check, well, you already 72 years old, logic tells us that you need to watch your diet.

1948 Rat will have the biggest emotional upswing in life. Unresolved issues from day one will drag till the end of the year. Seek advice and do talk to others about your problems, two heads are better than one. Status quo or standing still will only make your life unhappy. This is also a year to really look into your family matters and is time to get serious about solving such issues.

1960 Rat
is in the middle of crossroad. No one really appreciate what you do and you will give up easily. Hang on and keep hanging on, since wonderful stars are at your favor. You can have new experience but a slow one this year if you decided to have changes. This middle age crisis will lingers on for some time, but like I said you have wonderful stars to take good care of you for this year.

1972 Rat will have trouble will relationship and authority if you are born in winter season. Congratulation for those who born in summer, you will welcome nice new boss and your confident level is at best. But beware of your parent that might involve in litigation matters.

1984 Rat continue to perform well and enjoy a better standard of living but relationship comes and goes. A year of marriage or breakup? You tell me. Be nice to your dad!

1996 Rat will face problematic issues at school or face authority matters. You might need your family to see your school teacher more than last year. Hang on there and relax. Be good to your parents.

1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997

Rather monotonous year for you, things are rather dull and not interesting since the beginning of the year. Nevertheless, you will meet new friends or new associates that are easy to come by. This is due to the fact that your stars are stable and unexcited this year. You might involve in charity or volunteer works more than usual for this year.

This is also the occasion for you to meet new friends and past your time. Spend more time with new friends or associates, you might get surprises. Skin sensitivities and stomach related sicknesses throughout the year, do not worry you not gonna die that easily, just watch what you eat.

1937 Ox was really busy last year and it is time to settle down. Yes, sit still and relax. Try not to invest because not a good investment year for you. Get rid of old stuff and get yourself busy around your house and backyard. Clean and clear up your garage for god sake!

1949 Ox is busy, busy and busy. Watch your diet or face the above sicknesses as described. You have excuses not to see your mom, make it an effort, please, your excuse is a lousy one Just a call will make her happy. Just because your have more to in-charge does not mean that you will do well.

1961 Ox thinks that this is layback year, well, think again, even you have a monotonous year does not mean that you will not have new things in life. Your income will improve but your saving is not, because you will overspend and have lousy budget management this year.

1973 Ox will have a fruitful year and thinking of study again. Good idea! But beware of some litigations complication for those winter born person. Summer person should be more aggressive because you will get more in returns.

1985 Ox will be competitive in all aspects of life. At the end of the year you will be happy about your savings. This is a year that you will take charge of things and your leadership skill will put to practice and you know that your pro-activeness will pay.

1997 Ox is a lazy one! Do not day dream, I repeat do not day dream! A year of over-dependency. Be nice to your parents.

1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986,1998

A year of constant travel! This is a year of changes in residential and office workplace. For those who work at home, you will move your office from one room to another and then another. Like it or not, you will move and move and move until you fell dizzy and by the time you know it that probably the end of the year.

Your boss will ask you to work elsewhere, take it and learn to enjoy it because you do not have a choice. Last year short lived glory is past and move on to venture whole new experience and you will find contentment this year not because of what you get but how you feel about things in life.

1938 Tiger is excited about changes in life, yes, you got to travel and learn new things again. You will meet more new friends or associates. But watch you diet and health.

1950 Tiger
is lethargic this year. Get yourself into action again, wear new cloth and change your hairstyle. Your new image will bring surprises in life.

1962 Tiger
will experience complication in litigation related matters. Be more attentive when signing contract or engage in new venture. Travel to places that you never been before and you will seek new things in life.

1974 Tiger
will be rewarded handsomely especially if you are a summer born person. Your new image in life will be noticed and that boost to increase your confident level as well as morale.

1986 Tiger
will relocate to somewhere else. Move your desk, change your usual hang out area and you will find new environment that in your favor or at least your morale will improve. Listen carefully to your mum and dad.

1998 Tiger
will have the opportunity to meet new friends and experience new venture in all aspect of life. Be polite to elders and you will learn new things from them. Be good to your parents.

1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999

A year full of social events and activities. New relationship will emerge! A year of possible marriage ! A year of new romance! A female superior will do you good more than harm for you. Female dominated environment!

1939 Rabbit is again trying to make noise that can be heard by community. Your social standing stands out as you make the effort to socialize more often. Going out to explore and experience new things will be your call for this year.

1951 Rabbit will improve financial standing and seeking new investment ideas. This can be done by partnerships. Make sure to examine all aspect of risks and do not undermine the volatility of market conditions.

1963 Rabbit is going to change job or superior, again? Yes again for this year. Your income improves but not your savings. Well plan ahead your budget before it gets worse.

1975 Rabbit
will enjoy a busy year full of extra workloads. A year of unsolved problems at hand. Work, work and work. More work but income stays the same. For those not working, you still need to work, work and work probably at home.

1987 Rabbit
is having a nervous breakdown due to new environment and unexpected workloads. Keep hanging on and you will see the light soon. Be good to your parents.

1999 Rabbit
will be noticed at school by peers or teachers, but do not get carried away. Be humble instead. Learn how to 'learn' and walk your talk. Do not to corky! Be nice to your mother.

1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000

A year full of planning, organizing but lousy executions! Marriage requires tactful attention because temptation might lead you to make life time mistake. Examine your actions and thoughts. A year of socializing and making new friends.

1940 Dragon
will require a boost in energy level; you are lethargic as well as lazy! Beware of skin sensitivity and stomach ulcer. You also might get food poisoning easily.

1952 Dragon
will probably experience litigation complication. Make sure you ask second opinion when signing a contact. Read the terms and conditions well before making commitment. A year of high possibility of change in residential or migration to other state.

1964 Dragon
becomes closer to your mother this year or at least you have dinner with your mum more than usual. Grievances and differences with siblings are obvious this year. Change your paradigm in regards to how you perceive your siblings, hey, they are adults already.

1976 Dragon
is prepare to study again or thinking of investment. You might loss everything if you are careless. Also, make sure you budget your time well this year. Be nice to your parents.

1988 Dragon
becomes very busy this year. From study, extra curriculum, sports to socials events, you will be really tired handling them. Make time to relax and enjoy sitting down. Listen to your dad!

1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001

A year of stability, guidance angel will lend a helping hand when you are in need. Walk your talk and you might be surprises!

1941 Snake will require a boost in energy level; you are lethargic as well as lazy! Beware of lung related sickness. Unexcited year for you.

1953 Snake might face middle age crisis! Be your own boss or face the music from your boss?? Examine your strengths and weaknesses and seek second opinion before making your life time decision. Get a vacation and sabbatical when face with such dilemma. You will offend your family when too indulge in that situation.

1965 Snake will improve in financial standing and thus quality of living. You will involve in moon lighting and that is where your stress comes from. Never the less this is a contented year for you.

1977 Snake will still further study! Involve in creative ideas as well as new investment ideas. Relationship in a mess! Be tactful when handling such situation. Be nice to your mother.

1989 Snake has the talent to perform in arts and crafts. Present your case well and you will be rewarded. Study hard but play hard as well. Take time to listen to your folks.

1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002

An emotional roller coaster year, changes in residential, changes in relationship and changes in career, read on!! Overspent!

1942 Horse is full of energy and willing to give all out, but you are not young, man! Beware of traps and unwarranted grievances with family members and avoid unnecessarily spending. Watch your diet and listen to others' opinion. You might shift either your office or residential.

1954 Horse will have more power and authority over others. Your are in-charge but taxing. You must be very busy moving your office or residential. Take a vacation to relax and get away from the buys life.

1966 Horse will be busy moving offices and shifting residential but to find out that work is slow this year. Be tactful when come to handling your relationship. This is a very well contented and happy year. However please take time to relax and meet with old friends. Spend! Spend and spend!

1978 Horse will be in a struggling world for you since you are indecisive and you will lose out lots of opportunities. Listen to you parent's advice and seek second opinion when handling your relationship matters. No matter how worse the situation, there is always a solution.

1990 Horse seems to fell lazy and lay back. Move around and meet with friends and social more often. Spend more time, I mean quality time with your parent this year.

1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003

Unnecessary office's grievances and unwarranted disputes among family members. Watch out your skin and stomach related problems. Relax and learn to breath, yes, learn the right way to breathe. Nevertheless, at the end, you will be guided by unseen forces to the right path. Problems that cannot be solved this year will cross over to next year, let it be.

1943 Sheep will not happy with current condition and thinking about changes in workplace. Never mind what others said about you. Live the life to fullest and let things solve by itself. Work things out with your spouse. Conduct regular health check and change your diet habit.

1955 Sheep will be happy with financial standing but can not add up well. Do your math right and you will get caught off guard by the figure. Change the way you handle your family matters and you will be amazed by the out come.

1967 Sheep will have high probability of temporary separation with spouse. It might be good idea so that both can think things through or might be only work assignment away from your spouse. Take time to examine both strengths and weaknesses. Make a trip to visit you mum more often this year. You might also get promoted this year.

1979 Sheep gets very busy this year. Busy for nothing! Can not accomplish what you intended to do. You are delegated with more authority this year and please make good use of that. Still cannot solve problems on your own. Talk to parents and good friends, you might shed some lights from them.

1991 Sheep is rather lazy this year. Get your butt moving and stop day dreaming. Be nice to your parents. .

1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004

A year of harvesting! Morale esteem is at highest as well as confident level. A year of gathering, meeting new friends or associates. A year full of alarm and sudden news. Beware of sudden news from long lost friend.

1944 Monkey
is experiencing a sudden increase in wealth. A pool of monies is given to you for some reasons. Do not sit around instead get yourself busy again. Manage your relationship well this year.

1956 Monkey
is getting lazy again and not willing to go out. Be proactive because this year all of sudden more and more new friends will be surrounding you. Beware of extra-marital affair.

1968 Monkey
will not settle for status quo. You will go out and make a difference or at least you try to. Things will never be the same. Business ventures or projects keep your busy this year. Be tactful in handling relationship. Talk to your mum more this year.

1980 Monkey
will find things are easy to accomplish this year not for your effort but others. Work well with elderly people as they will help you to solve or iron out your wrinkles.

1992 Monkey
will be in-charge this year; school leader, captain class monitor and active in sports. This is a year for you to perform but make sure your listen to your parents, if you do not want any trouble. Be nice to your folks.

1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005

A year of seeking new romance, meeting new acquaintances or associates. This is a critical year for achieving next pinnacle of life, plan well and you will be rewarded handsomely. Do some charity and volunteer works!

1945 Rooster
will have the opportunity to meet with long lost friend and might get together more often since then. Differences between family's members will make you unhappy, take vacation and you will be fine after all. Avoid heavy investment and unnecessary spending.

1957 Rooster
will go back to investment environment or self study again, Avoid making critical decision alone and more often you will end up regretting it. Spend more time with family members and expect your social activities will be more this year.

1969 Rooster
finds him or herself in a busier environment this year. No time to sit and relax. You will be busy socializing and making new plans ahead. All of sudden, some old friends start calling and seeing you again. Think before you act to avoid making wrong decision.

1981 Rooster
finds relationship come to priority. Get married or not, well, you decide. Some might find him or her self in a cross road in deciding a career or relationship. Cherish what you have and do not indulge in materialistic world. Do not get involve in vice activities and be selective when come to choosing your friends.

1993 Rooster
will change study environment or teacher. Be nice to your parents and do not get carried away in school as you will excel in many aspects. Be selective when choosing friends.

1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006

A year of self-study, self examine and making progress in all aspects of life. Certain tough issues can not be solved immediately and require attentive and meticulous calculations. Tough time never last tough people do.

1934 Dog
requires serious attention with lower abdominal related health problems. Spend more time with spouse and appreciate each other for being together so long. Do travel when capable and make full use of quality time spend with family members.

1946 Dog
might think about investment of self study again. Last two years were not in good shape, this year is a relief. Be careful when dealing with heavy duty stuff because you will get hurt or prone to injury this year.

1958 Dog
will engage frequent social activities this year. Meeting long lost friends and making new friends every week in your life. Avoid heavy drinking habit. Spend quality time with family members and do not neglect them.

1970 Dog
finds this is a challenging year and with many events related to elderly people. Call your mum and let her hear your voice. Relax and take a vacation when feel like one. Stay away from office politics.

1982 Dog
faces keen competition at work. Be selective when come to selecting friends. Avoid confrontation at work especially with your superior. Accept whatever new assignment comes to you.

1994 Dog
needs to pay attention to emotional problem. It is an emotional upswing year and you need to work on your EQ. Listen to your folks more often. Do not shout back at your parents.

1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007

A year of settling down, after last year roller coaster, it is time to get your act together and focus on your priority.

1935 Boar
all of sudden becomes very active again in all aspects of life. Be selective and cautions when come to sport. Spend more quality time with family members.

1947 Boar
might get a big relief after last year turmoil. But be careful when signing contract and ensure you read all terms and condition before committing to it. Like it or not you will get involve in office politics.

1959 Boar
is reaping the reward from last year hard-work. Kind of settling down as oppose to last year turmoil. You will find yourself more time to spend this year and without knowing you will overspend your budget. Invest in property? Think again!

1971 Boar
experienced last year hardship in lousy investment environment but this year thing will not be the same again. Things are tamer and full of hopes and lights. Plan well and you will be rewarded.

1983 Boar
finds him or her self settling down after last year relationship changes. Be preparing for new changes again this year in job environment. You might get promoted and take whatever new assignment that assigned to you.

1995 Boar
becomes less energetic and complacent. Be careful when selecting friends. Listen to your parent and walk your talk. Do not get carried away at school!

---Extra Bonus Section---

2008 Year of Rat

Wealth Guru Direction
East sector of direction is the wealth sector for the whole year of 2008.
Place red color items in this sector to ignite or invite these 'kind' energies to your house.

Compassionate Zodiacs
(Possible marriage, start new relationship or living together)

On the move Zodiacs

(Possible changes in residential, relationship and career emotional upswing)

2008 Places, locations and directions to avoid
Northwest-should avoid major renovation and drilling works
South-should avoid major renovation and drilling works
West-should avoid bedroom to be placed here
South-should avoid kitchen to be placed here

2008 Places, locations and directions to harness/travel
Southeast- celebration/relationship/pregnancy/promotion.
East-wealth and financial improvement
Northeast- improves your study and creativity.

Again yours truly wish to emphasize that the extra mentioned tips for those who has the Rat zodiac might not be accurate. If you are into Feng Shui then you might want to consult a Feng Shui master


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