Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hijack This

Recently yours truly encounter some problem with his computer and suspected some malware/virus might be at work. Tried those traditional methods such as scanning with anti virus and anti spyware but to no avail. Then found a software that is quite useful in detecting hidden malware.

Presenting Hijack This
(The Logo)

This is what you will see when you run Hijack This

Basically just click scan and you will be presented with a log of the processes running in your system and you can even delete suspicious processes that does not belong.

Of course you will need some understanding on the processes that normally run on your system.

A quick search at Uncle Google always gives you the answer to what each processes does.

From there you can detect the virus or malware that is running silently on your system and then terminate it.

It is worth a try if you are out of methods to test. And oh, it is free.

Download Hijack This at
(Just click to download)


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  2. i encountered trojan in my laptop.. dun know how to delete the main source of it.. sigh

  3. Oh, you might want to try the hijack this....then try to post the log to me so that I can have a look.

    Then might be able to help.


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