Saturday, May 24, 2008

The BenardCometh Sibu Chronicles Part 1

*** So, Yours Truly am now in Sibu. The Moore’s Law kicks into action when I tried to online with a mere 56K line. Times like this I am really grateful with the existence of Streamyx. Thus, I have to shamelessly invite myself to a friend’s house and his Streamyx since there is no Starbuck here. Thanks Eddie***

On Thursday, 22nd of May 2008.
(Already say are chronicles mah, have to be detail a bit loh)

Yours Truly started to drive from Kuching to Sibu using his battle car. So, driving he goes in his little battle car determined to reach Sibu as fast as possible.

Along the way, he encountered a lot of obstacles in the form of slow moving cars and occasional suicidal bugs/insects trying to commit suicide by enthusiastically smashing their little body against the windscreen.
(May all of you poor bugs rest in pieces peace)

Suddenly after overcoming all those obstacles, yours truly came face to face with a slow moving lorry. With full speed, yours truly tries to overtake the slow moving lorry as it is excruciating painful to follow behind staring at a lot of asses pointing at him. What asses you say?

LorrySlow Moving Lorry

PigsLots of pork asses pointing at yours truly

Yours Truly will not be insulted this way. No way, NOT that day. Hence, he speed up and manage to overtake the lorry full of pigs.

Feeling very victorious, yours truly AM the king of the road. Then suddenly he saw:

Lorry 1Another Slow Moving Lorry

Pigs 1Another Lorry full of PIGS

Nooooooo, how can this be? This is a conspiracy of some sort for PIGS to take over the roads in Sarawak I tell you.

For the sake of humanity, yours truly definitely have to overtake the lorry. Normally he is a very law abiding citizen and will not just simply overtake cars.

However, for the sake of humanity, he has no choice but to overtake the slow moving lorry in order to prove to the PIGS that human are superior after all and don't ever have plans to take over the world.

Thus, that day Yours Truly managed to save the world from clutches of evil porks pigs without anyone knowing.

Part 1- The End.

Continues in Part 2.


  1. made something mundane interesting.

  2. missed kampua and bie nuk :P

  3. pigs rock !! porks rock harder !! woo hoo !! XD

  4. 宝茹: Ohhh, did I?

    Liew: Hohohohho

    keeyit: Porkssss

    esprato: Oh, you from sibu?

    levian: Definitely

    eileen: What what?


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