Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The BenardCometh Sibu Chronicles Part 2

***Continuation from Part 1. This is the last part of BenardCometh Sibu Chronicles***

After saving the world part, Yours Truly continues his driving journey to Sibu.

There's this one stretch of road repairs in progress.

Rocky Roadlousy road1

After 5 minutes,

Rocky Road1lousy road2

After another 5 minutes

Rocky Road again-_-"

The bumpy drive results in the urge to let go "excessive" water, so to say. Hence , Yours Truly being the civilized person he is, search frantically for rest stops/toilets along the way.

So, the moral of the story is NOT to drink a lot of water when you are going on a "quite" a long journey. Especially if it is a bumpy ride.

But fate is being cruel as there are no rest stops/toilets can be seen. All along the way, all he can see are some plants and a whole stretch of road.

Long winding Roadlong stretch of road

Normally Yours Truly am a very law abiding citizen and always follow the speed limit, however desperate times call for desperate measure. He speed as fast as possible and yet he come across the similar view.

Long stretch of roadlong stretch of road again

All hope seems to be lost when suddenly Yours Truly noticed that there is something wrong. His spider sense kicks into action as he sensed that there are faint fragile cries for help. That is when he does an emergency brake and comes to an instant halt.

Searching around, he found the source of the faint fragile cries for help.

Dying plantsPoor withering and dying vegetation/plants

Yes, the source is from the drying, withering and dying vegetation/plants due to the scorching heat and lack of water.

Dying vegetationPoor drying & dying vegetations/plants

Being the kind and helpful soul and not to mention that green vegetations/plants all this while have been contributing to us by giving us fresh oxygen, Yours Truly am determine to contribute back to the vegetations/plants.

Hence, without further ado, Yours Truly using lightning speed reflexes started to "water" the poor dying vegetations/plants. There are enough for the surrounding vegetations/plants as the flow is akin to the Niagara Falls due to the over limit accumulation earlier on.

This truly shows the example of the phrase "one stone kills two birds" where yours truly can relieve himself and at the same time helps the poor dying vegetations/plants with one action.

Now, BenardCometh Revelations do NOT condone the "watering" of any places as you like UNLESS when it is absolutely necessarily and only when it is a matter of live and death.
(Like in this case, the "watering" saves the vegetations/plants)

Even the heavens are touched by yours truly selfless act of kindness as not long after yours truly "waters" the vegetations/plants. It started to rain. The heavens also wants to "water" the vegetations/plants or so it seems.
(Hmmm, a new method of rain dance in the making. =p)


Raining 1heaven's way of "watering"

It is always good to have done good deeds. After all the things contributed to humanity by green vegetations/plants, it is only fair for Yours Truly to represent the humanity to contribute something back.

Feeling full of renewed vigor and enthusiasm, Yours Truly drive along effortlessly in his little/small battle car and in no time at all he come across the sign indicating that the destination is becoming nearer.


Yours Truly can almost "smell" Sibu air when he sees the Toll Plaza for the Lanang Bridge.

Sibu Toll Plaza
Toll Plaza

Toll PlazaGreen light means go

It costs yours truly Rm5.00 for his little battle car to use the Lanang Bridge. It does shorten the time of the journey compared to the time when there is no bridge and there is only ferry service to cross the river.

lanang BridgeThe Lanang Bridge

Lanang Bridge 1The way up

Lanang Bridge 2The way down

Reached Sibu finally. After a gruesome 5 hours drive from Kuching to Sibu. The prodigal son has returned. Again. After the previous visit.

What is the first thing to do when you reached your destination after a long drive?

Give your car a bath of course.

In this case, it's snow wash yo.

For my little battle car of course and oh, it costs Rm15 for exterior and interior wash. The snow wash is on the exterior and for the interior its some vacuuming and wiping with some white liquid substance.

CarWashLittle battle car has spa treatment yo

-The End-


  1. Orhhh..now i get ur meaning when u say u r doing good deed to water the plant~~~~!!!!! Haiyah, my response so slow....left me thinking there, "whoa, cant imagine u, in this big size, so caring and is a plant-lover..." Question marks are all over my head there....

  2. of all things for u to blog.. and thanks to u, i'm thinking that heaven is doing the same thing to us whenever it rains... urgh~!

  3. -et3rnal-: Hohohho, know you know. =p

    liew: I have to.... I need to create some awareness.

  4. LOL! doing good deeds to the plants? ic...u did the same to all the plants at home too?

  5. Hell no, the plants at home gets royal VIP treatment. Pipe water they have.... =p


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