Thursday, August 12, 2010

Waktu Imsak, Berbuka Puasa and Happy Ramadhan 2010

Alright, so I am late this year compared to last year.

Normally I would be posting this up before Puasa started. Forgive me for not doing so this year. I have pressing matters at hand, so to speak.

Anyway, for the uninitiated it is the time of the year where all muslim started to fast. It is RAMADHAN month. Yep, they fast for a whole month.

Like last year, I am looking forward to the Ramadhan Bazaar  or the Pasar Ramadhan. That is where all the glorious food will be at. All conveniently located at one place. One can literally eat till you drop providing you have the moolah of course.

So, back to the focus. The Waktu Imsak and Berbuka Puasa for year 2010.

Here, the schedule for Waktu Imsak and Berbuka Puasa for Zon 8: Kuching, Lundu, Bau, and Semantan.

Waktu Imsak and Berbuka Puasa 2010 for Zon 8 : Kuching, Lundu, Bau, & Semantan

Rest assured that this is the correct schedule because it is taken from JAKIM website. So it should not be wrong. Right? If JAKIM is wrong then I also dunno liao.

Anyway, for the rest of your area if you are not from Zon 8, you can refer to the full schedule for the Malaysia Waktu Imsak and Berbuka Puasa 2010.

And oh,


To all my muslim friends~~~

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