Monday, October 31, 2011

World of 7 Billion Population

Is your very own planet Earth.

Read somewhere that now the world have 7 billion population of humans running around.

Read somewhere that India is going to overtake China as the world's most populated country in year 2020.

Currently China is the world's undisputed Champion of the world in population.

China has one child policy while India doesn't have.

That should explain why China would lose out.

But being the highest population country is nothing to shout about.

Ok, maybe when during war time.

But there is just one problem with China one child policy.

The ageing population.

Yes, if the young is less than the old then something serious is going to happen.

At least it must be equal aye?

And not only in China that the ageing population is becoming a problem. Even in Japan.

Know what do I think?

There is money to be earned from the problem.

Yes, moolah....

Provide for the ageing population on a mass scale and you potentially becomes the world's richest man.

Then again.

One have to think on the fundamental question.

If we keep growing at this rate.

What will happen?

Pull a Noah's act once more?

But God promised that he would not use flood again. Remember?

Then again, yours truly will not be around to see what will happen is over population happens.

In the Lord we trust.



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