Monday, March 31, 2008


Why Adultery?

Now, it is a common perception that only men commit adultery. However, that perception is flawed because women commit adultery as well. So, adultery is not specific to men but also women. Brings a new meaning to equality of genders aye.

Before we go further, a little bit of explanation on what exactly defines adultery. According to Wikipedia,

"Adultery is voluntary sexual intercourse (including oral sex) between a married person and one who is not his or her spouse."

There, that clearly define what is adultery.

Done with the introduction, the question now is WHY ADULTERY?
(The following is purely what I think and not necessarily is the truth)

(A) For the FUN and EXCITEMENT of it.

Those who commit adultery thinks that it is fun and exciting to do the forbidden. Some enjoy the process of doing it and to them it gives them meaning to life.

(B) To find the long lost FEELING.

This might happen when there is no more sparks/fire in the relationship or marriage. Thus, they go out in order to find the long lost feeling that they once experienced. Where is the love. The forbidden is always addictive.

(C) Ignorant

Huh? What? It's wrong? It's forbidden? How come I did not know of that? I never knew that is wrong? (Well, you get the idea)

Anyway, earlier on I read some article from somewhere that for MEN, the reason they commit adultery is because of BIOLOGY/GENETICALLY IMPRINTED in them that they need to populate.
(Now guys, don't go and use that as reason you hear?)

The whole article talks about the reason for adultery in men and the most striking reason is that it has been the biological law since prehistoric times.

You see, during the prehistoric times, men need to populate as much as possible and there is no concept of marriage. It is almost impossible during the prehistoric times for a man to lay with only one woman for the rest of his natural born life due to the fact that they need to populate. To survive, so to say.

In order to ensure the survival of the species, men spread their seeds around to increase the probability that the generation will continue.

So, that trait/genetic imprint remains in the generations to come up until now.

Speaking in that manner, it would be also reasonable that women in the prehistoric times would not only have one partner for life. This is due to the men going everywhere and working hard to ensure that their seeds survives.

That leads to the conclusion that in the prehistoric times, both men and women are polygamous and does not have a specific life partner. Thus, that trait are brought forward from generation to generation.

Thus it is safe to assume that those who commit adultery are prehistoric apes, correct?
(If you follow the Darwin's Theory on evolution which dictates that human beings are evolved from apes)

Now, why do you think that men and women alike commit adultery?


  1. hmm does that mean adultery is no wrong?Both men and women cant control their genetically imprinted things...and those reasons are logical enuf to commit adultery....Agree~

    understand that once a relationship has goes for a long time, especially those marry for 20, 30 years, all those sparks and love feeling has faded as well, no more excitement, no more "first love" feeling, women getting wrinkles, no more sexy figure and guys becoming plump, bald, "all-in-one" stomach, no more muscular body...

    BUT those sleeping beside you for 20,30years are the one u choose to be with for the rest of ur life in the beginning BUT why now regret?? why find others just bcoz of excitement? they wont accompany u when u r old...only ur husband or wife will accompany by side.....

  2. I guess human need excitement...

  3. -et3rnal-: Thanks for the opinion. Definitely adultery is doubt bout that. =)

    Like I said... in the love posts I made... Responsibility is the trait to look for aside from just love. =p

    Keong: True to a certain extent. =p


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