Sunday, September 19, 2010

9th Mooncake Festival Kuching

 ***The following pictures would be in black and white as  resulted from yours truly itchy fingers to try B&W photography. Not really good try but at least one got to start somewhere..No? Afterall, A thousand miles journey starts with a single step.....Somewhere along that line lah.....***

Yours Truly went to the 9th Mooncake Festival last night to join in the "fun" so to speak. Took some pictures. The 9th Mooncake Festival starts from 17th September 2010 to 22nd September 2010 at Carpenter Street, Kuching, Sarawak.

What? Don't believe? Here's a banner. BenardCometh Revelations doesn't lie even when he lies. Does that even make any sense? =p

9th Mooncake Festival Banner

So, more pictures up ahead. A picture worth a thousand words bah~~~

 RM1 Hair Cut


 Music Performance in front of a temple

 The Crowd





 Stone Carvings



 Wushu Performance


Small Kid doing Wushu

 View of Carpenter Street

View of Kuching City Center

That is all~~~


  1. it is better that those pictures are in colours

  2. Anon: Yeah, it does look a lot better with colours... =p


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