Friday, October 24, 2008

Saliva Nests

Saliva Nests are actually Bird's Nests or Swiftlets Nest to be exact. This is because the only edible bird nest is from Swiftlets and it is made from the birds saliva. You heard it right, people eat birds saliva and it is very much in demand and quite expensive too.
The price depends on the type of the bird's nest and the price can go up to USD800++ for 30 gram of the saliva nests aka birds nests. Money in saliva yo.

The bird's nest is a Chinese delicacy that is suppose to have health boosting properties. The most common method of consuming the delicacy is by making it into soup which is commonly called the Bird's Nest Soup. 

Anyway, because of the potential money to be made from the birds saliva, locally there have been a lot of places where building are used to farm the swiftlets in order to get the nests. From what I heard, it is a lucrative business indeed as long as there are swiftlets going into your "swiftlets hotel" and make nests there with their saliva. Slurp Slurp. 

Recently there have been a crackdown by the local authorities regarding the farming of the swiftlets as apparently the farms at the commercial buildings are illegal and thus enforcement officers with their big bad attitude go and tear all the farm down  and in the process killing lots of these saliva producing birds and the eggs. So I have heard.

What is the purpose of this post you ask? Well, the purpose is just to show you the saliva nests in its full naked form. Unaltered and fresh from the farm. Before it is processed and stuff. Raw yo.
Thus, BenardCometh Revelations hereby presents to you, Saliva Nests aka Bird's Nests.

birds nests
Saliva Nests aka Bird's Nests
birds nests
Bird's Nests

There you have it. Saliva nests aka Birds Nests. 

Happy eating saliva and may you live forever.


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