Thursday, October 30, 2008

Anchovies Egg Omelette

Preparing and making food for yourself as fast as possible is vital to survive in this harsh cruel and fast paced world. Alright, maybe I have exaggerated a bit but the point here is making yourself something to eat which is simple and fast is an added skill when you are left to fend for yourself.

So, when you are in a rush and everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you can try out the BenardCometh's Anchovies Egg Omelette. It's simple, fast and nutritious. Ok, maybe not really the nutritious part but its fast and delicious. That is the point anyway.

Lets look at the ingredients needed for our Anchovies Egg Omelette cooking lesson today, shall we?


Two eggs
Corn Flour

First of all, we need to prepare the anchovies and wash em. Clean the little fish to prepare it for stir-frying. Heat up the pan on the stove and put some butter in it. Yes, I like to cook with butter rather than oil and yes I know it is very fattening and unhealthy.

So, you health freaks can substitute butter with some vege oil or some organic oil is you prefer. BenardCometh will stick to the manly, macho, unhealthy, fattening way thank you very much.

Clean Anchovies

After the pan heats up, throw the anchovies in and stir-fry it until it's golden brown. Let the anchovies be for a while and start to crack your two eggs, the chicken eggs mmmmkay and beat the eggs with a fork or a spoon.

Then proceed to our some corn flour into the egg mixture and give it another round of good beating until it mix well. You can try to add milk instead of flour as it gives a different taste and texture.

Stir-fry anchovies

Add flour to the eggs and mix em up

Mix em well

You have not forgotten about the anchovies right? Take em out and then but some butter in the pan again. Normally I do not wash the pan as I want the anchovies taste to be in it also but it is a matter of preferences.

Proceed to pour the egg flour mixture into the pan and let it be for a while until u can see that the lower part are forming and hard-ish but the upper part, the top are still liquid-ish.

Top is still liquid-ish

Throw the cooked anchovies from earlier on top and spread evenly and continue to cook in low heat. When it is cooked, fold the egg omelette in half and you are done. Although the presentation could be improved but don't judge a book by its cover remember?

Fold in half

Ready to serve

Yum Yum

There you go, Anchovies Egg Omelette. Simple, Fast, and Delicious.

Enjoy your egg omelette.

Happy Omelette-ing.


  1. you do know the final result of your
    anchovies egg omelette isn't as alluring, right ??
    well, although it does makes my mouth water n all .. :p

  2. levian: Hahahaha...very frank. :P

  3. 宝茹:
    with those who can take the joke,
    it's a compliment of closeness. ;)

  4. delicious??
    next time can try with the tomatoes....very nice one~!!!

  5. nice when eaten with cucumber...and i m gonna change it to nasi lemak


  6. levian: Don't judge a book by its cover...The egg omelette is delicious... =p

    宝茹: Frank is good... =p

    levian: Yes, we are close... =p...Sort of..digitally... Alright, now that sounds plain creepy... on my part that is. =p

    smwahming: Of course.... =p.. Alright, noted.

    Nux V: Its flexible then...hohohohoho.


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