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Three Characters Classic - San Ji Zing Part 5

Three Characters Classic - San Ji Zing Part 5 is the continuation from Three Characters Classic - San Ji Zing Part 4.

This part 5 is the final part of the San Ji Zing series.

The "Ji" in San Ji Zing suppose to be Zhi as in San Zhi Jing.( 三字经 )

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曰 水 火
Yue Shui Huo
Say Water Fire

木 金 土
Mu Jin Tu
Wood Gold Earth

此 五 行
Ci Wu Xing
These Five Elements

本 乎 數
Ben Hu Shu
Have Origin in Numbers

曰 仁 義
Yue Ren Yi
Say Benevolence Duty

禮 智 信
Li Zhi Xin
Propriety Wisdom Truth

此 五 常
Ci Wu Chang
These Five Virtues

不 容 紊
Bu Rong Wen
Not Tolerate Confusion

稻 粱 菽
Dao Liang Shu
Rice Fine millet Beans

麥 黍 稷
Mai Shu Ji
Wheat Glutinous millet Common millet

此 六 穀
Ci Liu Gu
These Six Grains

人 所 食
Ren Suo Chi
Eaten by People

馬 牛 羊
Ma Niu Yang
Horse Ox Goat

雞 犬 豕
Zi Gou Zhu
Chicken Dog Pig

此 六 畜
Ci Liu Chu
These Six Animals

人 所 飼
Ren Suo Yang
Are Reared by Human/People

曰 喜 怒
Yue Xi Nu
Say Joy Anger

曰 哀 懼
Yue Ai Ju
Say Grief Fear

愛 惡 欲
Ai Wu Yu
Love Hate Desire

七 情 具
Qi Qing Ju
These are the Seven Emotions

匏 土 革
Pao Tu Ge
Gourd Earth Skin

木 石 金
Mu Shi Jin
Wood Stone Gold

與 絲 竹
Yu Si Zhu
And Silk Bamboo

乃 八 音
Nai Ba Yin
Indeed Eight Sound

高 曾 祖
Gao Zheng Zu
Great great grandfather Great grandfather Grandfather

父 而 身
Fu Er Shen
Father and Self

身 而 子
Shen Er Zi
Self and Child

子 而 孫
Zi Er Sun
Child and Grandchild

自 子 孫
Zi Zi Sun
Self Child Grandchild

至 玄 曾
Zhi Yuan Ceng
To great grandchild and Great great grandchild.

乃 九 族
Nai Jiu Zu
Indeed are Nine Generations

而 之 倫
Er Zhi Lun
And Normal Family

父 子 恩
Fu Zhi Eng
Father Child Kindness

夫 婦 從
Fu Fu Cong
Husband and Wife Harmony

兄 則 友
Xiong Ze You
Elder Brother Companionship

弟 則 恭
Di Ze Gong
Younger Brother Respect

長 幼 序
Zhang You Xu
Elders and Young Relation

友 與 朋
You Yu Peng
Friends and Acquaintance

君 則 敬
Jun Ze Jing
Sovereigns Respect

臣 則 忠
Chen Ze Zhong
Subjects Loyalty

此 十 義
Ci Shi Yi
These Ten Conducts

人 所 同
Ren Suo Tong
People Are Same



Speaking of water, fire, wood, gold, and earth which are the five elements that have origin in numbers.

Speaking of benevolence, duty, propriety, wisdom, and truth which are the five virtues that will not be confusion.

The six grains that people eat are rice, fine millet, beans, wheat, glutinous millet, and common mille.

The six animals that people rear are horse, ox, goat, chicken, dog, and pig.

Speaking of joy, anger, grief, fear, love, hate, and desire which are the seven emotions.

The eight musical sounds/instruments are gourd, earth, skin, wood, stone, gold, silk, and bamboo.

A family is made up from nine generations which are the great great grandfather, great grandfather, grandfather, father, self, child, grandchild, great grandchild, and great great grandchild.

The then conducts/obligations that are the same for all people are kindness between father and child, harmony between husband and wife, elder brother's friendliness, younger brother's respect, elders and young ones precedence, friends support, sovereigns respect, and subjects loyalty.


There, that is the end of the San Ji Zing Series.

Start shaping/educating from the young

"Melentur Buluh Biar Dari Rebungnya."

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