Wednesday, October 15, 2008



Every now and then, stop for a while, look up at the sky. Bask in the sunlight and the magnificent clouds. Life is too short to let it pass by in hasten mode.
Clouds yet again

Relax your mind and body, Be amazed by the wonders of nature. Treat your eyes to a glorious buffet. For the guys, not the glorious twin orbs if that is what you are thinking. Although, that would be swell too.
Have you ever look up to the sky in a clear bright night? Just looking at the stars and wonder how fragile life is and how tiny humans are compared to the universe? Apart from that, it does have calming effect and would make one feel relaxed.
(Nope, no pictures of a night with many stars. The best place to go would be the beach for stars watching.)
Nothing much of a post today.

More like some cloud photography with my trusty old Canon Powershot A70 and some post processing using Photoshop.

Hence Yours Truly decided to name this post Magnificient to describe the photo.

Afterall, Mother Nature is truly MAGNIFICENT.


  1. Wonderful photos. I just love looking at the blue skies with pretty while clouds.


  2. Thanks..... I love looking at skies also... =)


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