Thursday, October 2, 2008

Melamine Milk Alert

Yours Truly received a sms from his friend regarding the melamine milk alert.

Apparently the health authorities in Malaysia and Singapore issued a warning regarding the latest melamine milk scare to alert the people.

Melamine Milk Alert
(Name censored to protect the endangered species)

For those who can't read from the picture. The sms reads:

Breaking News, S'pore/Malaysian Health Authorities Warning.
All men are advised not to suck China girls' breasts as the milk may contain melamine.

By the way, the sender is a female by the nickname Frog/Katak. She certainly have a sarcastic sense of humor. The SMS would already be in wide circulation I think.

So, I would think local breasts milk would be in demand now. Milk is good mmmkay. Got calcium.

However, I don't mind. Show me some prime China breasts milk and I would take my chances.

Afterall, yours truly am a very healthy normal alpha male.

Please note that this post is meant to be taken lightly and NOT aimed to offend anyone on purpose. If it did offend someone, BenardCometh Revelations hereby apologize.

With addition,

Why so Serious?

Why So Serious?
(Source: Google Image)


  1. LOL!
    now now benard, dun go sucking ppl's milk ya~~~

  2. Walau, seriously?
    Benard, i know u did oh....hehe


  3. 3POINT8: Ahem... where got.

    Mariposa: Well, it suppose to be... =p

    smwahming: No I did not... =p


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