Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rajang Lounge OktoberFest Promotion

So, yours truly went to Rajang Lounge a few days ago and tried out the Oktoberfest Promotion where one can drink and bring back a 3 pint mug which is a huge ass mug in case you don't comprehend. Ahem~~~

Anyway, lets the pictures do the talking aye? Lately the brain juice seems to dry up for long elaborated posts. So till the brain juice well fills up, all ya gonna get are pictures and more pictures...... =p

OktoberFest Promotion

 The Deco Hanging Thing

The Beer

The Nuts

The outside view

The Mug's Box

The Mugs

So there you have it,

Pictures taken last Sunday of the Rajang Lounge OktoberFest Promotion.....

Should be every Sundays for the month of October.

I think.

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