Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Benefits of Using Dual Monitors

For this post, I am going to preach talk about the benefits of using dual monitors based on personal experience. Yes, I have been using dual monitors for quite sometime already and it is absolutely remarkable how dual monitors benefits my daily works/computing needs. Think efficient and effective and roughly you will get the idea.

Before I continue, let me show you how does my workspace/computing space looks like. And yes, you are about to journey into my personal space. Be careful as it is not for the faint hearted.
(Of course I have done some cleaning up before I take a pic but generally that is how my workspace/computing space looks like)

In case you don't know, I am currently doing freelance works while trying to complete my studies which hopefully will be the end of this year.

Yours Truly Workspace / Computing Space

Dual monitor check
Watch check
Mobile Phone check
Papers check
Digital Camera check
Snacks check
Drinking Water check
Scorpio check

The most important thing would be the snacks and drinking water. Drink a lot of water mmmkay? It's good for you. Anyway, that is how my workspace looks like with addition of random things as time passed and will only be cleaned up when I could not find the things I want on the table. Once cleaned, it will looks like what you see above and again as time passed, it will be full of junk and stuff. Then cleaning again. Oh yeah, it's a vicious cycle.

Back to the focus of this post. The benefits of using dual monitors. Personally I think businesses/companies that uses computers or should I say all businesses/companies should think of implementing dual monitors for their employees. At least dual monitors for designers, programmers, and those software intensive related field.

The major benefit would be that it will definitely increase productivity as there are studies that claim productivity increase by 20%-50% with the usage of dual monitors. This is because dual monitors means more workspace and would reduce the screen clutter that would normally be evident in a single monitor usage.

For example, when using Photoshop I can put tools and panel in one monitor and the canvas on the other monitor. This would enable yours truly to work faster and more efficiently.

The same with web designs or developments. I can place the web page on one monitor and the codes such as CSS or HTML or PHP on the other monitor which makes it extremely easy to make changes and test the results at once. Testing cross browsers are easier as one browser in each monitor.

Bigger workspace/screen

Aside from that, if you are the type that do a lot of research or comparison then using dual monitors to compare sets of data will become much more easier. For example comparing websites, documents, images and spreadsheets. This is definitely much easier than constantly using the alt-tab keys to switch between windows/documents.

Dual monitors will enable you to have two projects or applications on the desktop at once and in full screen mode. Of course this depends on your machine capabilities and so far after performing the ACER laptop memory module aka RAM upgrade, it have not let me down yet. Working like a charm, so to say.

Running Photoshop and Dreamweaver

A bit of warning though, once you use dual monitor you would not want to use single monitor ever again. You have been warned. =p

And oh, all work and no play makes BenardCometh a dull blog. Hence, one last benefit of dual monitors would be, I can watch movies on one monitor and do my work on the other at the same time. How cool is that? Now, that is balanced work and play in BenardCometh's dictionary.

That is what I call BENEFIT.

P/S: If you want to know the technical part of how to set up a dual monitor, then ask and thou shall receive. And also depending on the resident tech guy's mood. Anyway, ask or email will do just fine.


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